The Other Pokeauthors, Part 12

“Your review helped me in making my story better. So far I gain more favs and follows each time I upload a chapter. However, I feel like your review’s presence will turn off anybody who wants to check out the reviews first before reading it. I have written a rather successful story before this one, so I know I’m doing something right. Thing is, people will see your review and automatically assume the whole thing is poorly written narrative-wise and grammar-wise. So it is with all due respect that you remove it if you can. Thank you.”


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 11

Second off: the “Butt-raping.”

You are unfamiliar with my interpretation of the world of pokemon. I attempt to inject a heavy dose of reality into my work. After having applied social Darwinism to the very basis of pokemon, the world that developed from such an archetype shares far more in common with contemporary earth than it does with the canon’s fetching fantasy about benevolent monsters.

As such, eleven year old children exploring the hostile world that I envisioned would be subjected to real-world dilemmas and situations. The comment about arboks eating Red, as well as the comment about hobos butt-raping children, is introduced with a casual tone in order to dissuade my audience from the canon’s common lore.


CPU Update

Hello lovelies/possible enemies,

Things seem to have stabilized for now. If they look good by tomorrow afternoon we can slowly re-implement scheduled posts and some of the other plugins I disabled.



PS: Is anyone else receiving comment notification emails? They mysteriously stopped a few days ago for me and it occurs to me the two things might be somehow related. edit: Aaaand now they’re back. Well. Okay. edit ii: and now they’re gone again, after I reinstated the autoposting. Is the scheduler fucking up comment notifications? I am so tired.


Hey all —

I’m still trying to deal with the CPU usage issue. In the meantime, if everyone could please close windows with the blog open when you aren’t at your computers, I’d really appreciate it — especially if you’re writing or editing posts.

Also if the admins could please please not install any new plugins, that would be great.

edit: Sorry if the IP I banned from Kansas was a legit user, but you had a weird amount of hits here and probs needed some time outside anyway. ilu.


Apparently between 7 and 8 pm yesterday we received about 15,000 hits in less than an hour. For comparison, we usually get 10,000 hits per month. This has maxed out our 24-hour CPU usage server side, so over the next few hours y’all may be seeing some downtime.

I don’t know why this happened and I’m having some trouble identifying exactly where the traffic came from — for some reason someone running IE 11 has sent 13,000 server requests in the last 24 hours (or more than 10,000 more requests than everyone else combined), so a dumbass IE user is the culprit, but I’m having trouble getting data more specific than that.

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on it, and if you can’t access the blog that’s why. I’m sorry.

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