Children of the Dragon Ch11

A new character appears!

We open today with a thief.

She called herself Vicious Whisper, and she was dressed in black. Such was her wont when she was working, swathed in it from head to toe. Black boots muffled with black cloth were on her feet, and black leather gloves covered the constantly twitching fingers of her hands. She crouched in a patch of shadow and waited, patiently.
Minutes passed. A stableboy hurried past, rushing to an assignation with a lover, and never noticed her. A snake wound its way lazily by where she squatted, flicked its tongue at her twice, and then moved on. Still she waited, until the sound of snoring became regular and drifted down gently through the open window.

A competent, stylish thief, no less! She hops into the air and manages to land on a windowsill fifteen feet up, so she’s additionally one of the chosen magic user cool people. (more…)

Dresden Files Grave Peril Ch10

Mortimer Lindquist

Why would you do this to a child? Did his parents not love him?

had tried to give his house that gothic feel. Greyish gargoyles stood at the corners of his roof. Black iron gates glowered at the front of his house and statuary lined the walk to his front door. Long grass had overgrown his yard. If his house hadn’t been a red-roofed, white-walled stucco transplant from somewhere in southern California, it might have worked.
The results looked more like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland than an ominous abode of a speaker to the dead. The black iron gates stood surrounded by plain chain-link fence. The gargoyles, on closer inspection, proved to be plastic reproductions. The statuary, too, had the rough outlines of plaster, rather than the clean, sweeping profile of marble. You could have plopped a pink flamingo down right in the middle of the unmowed weeds, and it would have somehow matched the decor. But, I supposed, at night, with the right lighting and the right attitude, some people might have believed it.

I’m sorry you don’t think it lives up to your awesome WIZARD door stencil, but let’s consider that he’s evidently making his living doing this while you’re limping along because the police force has literally no one else they can go to.


Dresden Files AAAA Wizardry

I want in on the DF trainwreck, and this short story was published in the DF RPG Vol.2, so I feel entitled to snatch it from Farla. There are miscellaneous minor spoilers for future books, including one regarding Harry’s new position in the Council. So, all the three of you who care about it, you’ve been warned.

Without farther ado, let’s begin.


Dresden Files Grave Peril Ch9

Last time, Harry either puts some arrogant murderers in their place OR is a bullying prejudiced jerk to people.

Today, remember sexy godmom? Time for Harry to remember last time’s sexy adventures with sexy godmom, which, yes, I guess the idea he got molested at sixteen was decided right from the start, as was that it was sexy. (more…)

Children of the Dragon Ch10

We ended the previous chapter with Wren picturing the poor innocent survivor of the massacre, running away sobbing from the horrors, so naturally we transition to the actual survivor, who is doing no such thing.

The book, though, is attempting to walk back on Yuyu being a complete sociopath by having him dream of the time before everyone he knew was brutally murdered. (more…)

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