On the Indie Explosion and the Purpose of Games

It was the Humble spring sale this month (as of posting, it’s actually still going on) and, as I do during all the big Steam/GOG/Humble sales, I’ve sorted through all the discounts to nab things that catch my interest for very little money. There’s not really rhyme or reason to what I end up picking up — a weird mix of art, genre, and title will make me click on the game, and then some combination of trailer, reviews, recs, and what I’m in the mood for governs purchases (reviews are incoming, but here are the ones I got).

Anyway, as I was watching trailers, I hit on an odd number of games — almost exclusively puzzle platformers, with a smattering of point-and-clicks — that were very nice-looking but didn’t actually look like something I wanted to purchase, but at the same time there wasn’t anything expressly wrong with them, and it got me thinking about what I look for in games, why I keep finding pretty, boring things, and how the indie boom has influenced the type of game I’m seeing and thus affected my purchasing.


Pokeauthors Special Spotlight: On Fanon

“The Hall of Origins itself is fanmade and used in just about every story with Arceus in it, and in every story I’ve seen with it, all the Legends were there.”

Ahhh this is cathartic. Now that we’re out of AOOO I finally get to throw down with one of those people who think their ten-steps-removed game of fanon telephone requires no explanation when dropped into fanfic.

And yes, they did just say a canon location is fanmade. Don’t worry, it gets worse!


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 46

“Moon is a better name than Farla, who you seem to have a colossal boner for.” I don’t think I’ve had things escalate to sexual remarks that quickly before! Interesting that Farla gets attacked directly but the best they can muster is that I’m gross for being subordinate to a woman.

Surprisingly nice responses besides that, though. Even the revenge reviewers got weirdly positive.


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