Dresden Apologism

We’re presented this book with Harry repeating the same mistakes, the ones that killed people, without even a moment of hesitation. His language isn’t as overtly hateful as it was in the previous book, but the victim this book is a kid and she’s being treated even worse than any of the adult women.

So – what, if anything, could excuse this? (more…)

Among the Sleep


This is a really good game, and I really liked how the story is set up to fit with the mechanics standard to this whole genre (of course you’re clumsy, you’re a baby!), but I feel dissatisfied with the ending. Well worth a look, though.


Children of the Dragon Ch14

Last time, fucking Yushuv. Today, Ratcatcher!

None of the prince’s remaining servants paused to watch Ratcatcher go.

And who were they, and why was it apparently a valid concern to worry they might steal from Ratcatcher?

Who knows. Point is, Ratcatcher is a buttmonkey. But a buttmonkey with style! He rode off in the gloom of a misty evening, his two companions and a pair of pack animals trailing behind him like rags tied to a tattered kite. (more…)


I generally interact with horror games through the medium of youtube. Sometimes I make ill-advised forays into actually loading a live game on my computer, but that generally ends with me retreating back to someone else playing – I like horror settings but don’t like being startled, and I really don’t like trying to detach myself from it enough to not be startled.

Stasis followed the opposite track. I started to watch someone play and became so engaged with the game that watching someone else play was intolerably frustrating. This is a point and click game with gorgeously bleak atmosphere and even more gorgeously bleak prose popping up whenever you mouse over things. The opening is absolutely perfect, so much that, as soon as I’d seen a few minutes of the game, I knew I’d recommend people play it just for that alone even if the rest didn’t live up to it.

…which, it turns out, is good, because the rest did not. I’d still strongly recommend checking it out, and if you’re good at just kind of coasting on lovely horrific atmosphere without getting caught up in putting things together the whole game might be fun, but if you hit a point it feels like it’s gotten bad, just quit, it’s not going to get better and you don’t really want the answers. You can also check out the demo instead – it doesn’t have quite the polish of the finished game, but it’s of the best section of the game. Definitely do one of those two things before continuing, because most of my complaints are the most spoilery parts of the game. (more…)



The second book of the Southern Reach trilogy! Go read the first one.

This one is much less traditionally horror. (Though the moments it has are quite effective. I particularly hope someone makes a short movie out of the first expedition snippets.) When I began reading it, I was wondering if it’d actually make more sense to read this one first, since there’s a lot about the character trying to figure out what happened in the previous book so you already know and it’s harder to be anxious about. As things went on, though, that dramatic irony expanded to include that precious horror staple, the slow disaster that the main character is unaware of.

Also, after Dresden, it’s just so nice to have a main character who is a nice, pleasant person.


Dresden Files Grave Peril Ch16

Finding people is hard, especially when they don’t want to be found. It’s so difficult, in fact, that
estimates run up near seven-digit figures on how many people disappear, without a trace, every year
in the United States. Most of these people aren’t ever found.

Yeah, we’ve been through this bullshit before.

This is particularly unforgivable because Harry isn’t just some random dumbass. He’s the guy actually getting tapped for the missing persons cases. (more…)

Dresden Files Grave Peril Ch15

We open with Harry complaining about how his rapist skull is being such a downer about this whole nightmare business.

“Harry, look at this thing. Look at what it’s done. It crossed a threshold.”
“So what?” I asked. “Lots of things can.

Indeedity. You can’t have thresholds be a non-issue for this long and expect me to care. (more…)

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

This was yet another game that was very good until it became apparent it was a giant sequel hook, though at least this one had an actual ending. I’m more sure than I ever was that the final game answers no questions and that’s why fans are demanding the midquel that shouldn’t be necessary otherwise. Right up until it lacked any closure, though, it was once again very good.

That said, Creepy Marketing Guy’s grubby paws are all over this. The Brock Bird’s whole character is now how stupid feminists are, and also rape jokes, because why not, and the White Dragon isn’t an actual dragon, but a hot chick in a skimpy dress who talks about all the strange feelings her body has. Yeah.


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