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Hey all.

I’m going to be out for some indeterminate amount of time. ED is acting up and it’s reached the point where I’ll likely end up inpatient, because what is my life is not a giant pile of bullshit. I was hoping to start Umineko in March, but that’s not going to happen. I think that’s always the worst thing for me, how it just saps your ability to do what you love.

There are some small things in the pipeline right now that likely are not going to get full reviews simply because it’s already been a while since I played them and I don’t have it in me to either replay or write them up now. They are:

The Farming One (rpgmaker) – Okay sendup but light on gameplay and not much to it aside from “harvest moon sendup”
no-one has to die (rpgmaker) – Nicely clever browser game, def a good timekiller, v short
In the Company of Myself (browser) – fuck this manpainy shit
The Last Word Redux (rpgmaker) – I’m finding this boring and can’t tell if it’s the crippling depression or the fact that it lacks replay value, though I’m thinking the latter
Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (jRPG) – Mind-numbingly boring with over-the-top JRPG-cliche characters I hate; shoulda stuck to the travelogue — Trails in the Sky is one I like much more in retrospect
Hierofania 2 (VN) – Good, but too short to do much with its nice music, writing, and characters; ended up feeling like a first chapter instead of a whole story, which is disappointing because I did enjoy it

There are also things I’ve finished and def want to discuss that will likely get full reviews at some point in the future:

Planescape: Torment (wRPG) – Beautifully written. Play it.
Baldur’s Gate (wRPG) – Important for gaming history; play if, like me, you’re into that; otherwise play Dragon Age.
Baptism of Fire [Witcher Series] (book) – Excellent; travelogue format really worked to Sapkowski’s strengths, nice return to form for the series
The Shadowed Sun [Sequel to Killing Moon] (book) – Very different kind of story than KM with a slow start and some problematic elements, but ultimately I really enjoyed it; Jemisin is a great writer

Catch me on Facebook or Steam if for some reason you feel the need to get my opinion about something (???) in the interim. If you friend me make sure to let me know you’re from DQ; I don’t add randos.

Also now the pressure is on Farla and Mini-Farla to post like their lives depended on it NO RAEGRETS


edit: also go watch Yuri!!! on Ice, still worth it even with crappy ending

Dresden Files Grave Peril Ch19

Right, so there will be a delay returning to Moon and so instead there will be an end to the delay of Grave Peril.

Last time, Harry’s bullshit “reasoning” led him to figuring out the nightmare wanted revenge for that time Michael killed it, at which point he declared he needed to go warn Murphy.

We open this chapter with him attempting to explain his equally bullshit decision:

There’s a kind of mathematics that goes along with saving people’s lives. You find yourself running the figures without even realizing it, like a medic on a battlefield. This patient has no chance of surviving. That one does, but only if you let a third die. (more…)

Pokereplies Part 10

“Also it IS perfectly acceptable to create a line of dialogue in the way as I have in here. It’s something I’m exceptionally picky about. I would know since I’ve honestly attained a bachelor’s degree in the English writing field and have never had these taken off or commented on before.” 

I was going to ask if you guys thought any other field had so many degree-holders hellbent on proving their degree means nothing, but then I remembered that animal sciences person arguing that all female animals come standard with boobs, and there’s those architects making accidental death beams, so yeah, presumably this is just one of those eternal constants.

Pokereviews Day ??? Romance Finale

So while, as usual, I got sick of doing the romance side of things pretty quick, this year I pawned it off on somebody else! And because now somebody else was going to see them, and because I knew that genre labeling on FFN is rather inconsistent, I said to send back any fics that might be interesting so I could review them in the end.

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