The Other Pokeauthors, Part 121

“Since most people writing Pokemon fanfictions on are writing anime fics anyways maybe you should consider moving over to archiveofourown where you can find almost exclusively game-centric fics. But we all know you won’t do that because you enjoy complaining about shitposts from too much.”


[32] The Other Pokereviews, Part 120

A great surreal SuMo novelization today, and a HGSS adaptation that was good up until it started talking about how funny it was the trainer’s pokemon didn’t want to get beaten into the pavement for his personal glory because pokemon don’t get to have opinions. I also read through one of the more coherent pokescrewing fics just to complain about the biology.

Anime count: 19


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 117

“So you finally came. St Elmo’s fire, I shouldn’t have to write to fit your needs alone. In that case you might as well hold someone’s hand as they write.

Imagine it like this, your favorite author is writing in a new style that you don’t like and you complain to him. Should he have to adapt to the views of the few or the views of the many? I used a perfectly normal use of bold for notes. Its much simpler and easier to notice. The underline is then used to start the chapter.

Now enjoy. Maybe. Your just picky.”

The review consisted of the anime and horizontal line paragraphs and nothing else.


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