Baffling Author Reaction Awards, Part 1

And in the “comments I have no idea how to respond to and can’t even tell if they’re serious or not” category, we have Matthew Dalzell:

“Excuse me, Act. Since you took such great pains to make us aware of your exceptional reviewing abilities and your likely dislike of our favorite authors, I thought I should mention some things to you with equal frankness:

authors are to be remembered by more than their surnames. As people united by the mutual bond of a love for writing, it follows that we should extend some courtesy and respect to others.

In addition, “Tolkein” will not do. I believe what you’re searching for is “J. R. R. Tolkien.””

edit: For some extra lulz/wtfery, you can check out his review on this fic (edit of the edit: and this one). “I personally enjoy wolves very much. I love them both in a literary, and biological way.” I wonder if this is an ellaborate troll.


  1. Cartman says:
    Authors are to be remembered by whatever the fuck we remember them by. Sorry, sweetie, there’s no set “rule” by which we have to remember authors and quite frankly surname is the easiest and most identifiable way to recognize them outside of calling them “Harry Potter” or “LOTR”

    And courtesy and respect to others doesn’t mean that we sugar coat what we say and pretend they piss diamonds. A love for writing means that we strive to make sure everyone’s writing is up to par. You god damn hippy.

  2. Colme says:
    I suspect a troll. That comment about wolves is too self-aware for this to be serious.
    1. Act says:
      I honestly can’t decide if it’s a peculiar brand of trolling or just a pretentious art student. The wolf thing seems to point to the former, but his other activity just makes me think douchiness. It’s certainly bizarre, whatever it is.
  3. Farla says:
    So what I’m getting from this is if I post there I could get long crazy reviews too? What’s the catch?
    1. Act says:
      If he hadn’t already discovered me, I’d be too tempted to request a review.
      1. Farla says:
        Do you think he’d be willing to review stuff posted elsewhere if I asked?
        1. Act says:
          Don’t know. Can’t hurt to try.

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