Grow Home

This game isn’t our usual fare in that it has basically no story to speak of nor do I have anything particularly interesting to say about it, but it’s so completely and utterly adorable I couldn’t help quickly reccing it. It’s the kind of game that makes you happy there are games.

I picked Grow Home up because the sequel was announced at E3 and looked utterly adorable, and I’m now looking forward to it because I was not disappointed.

You’re a robot called B.U.D. who has been sent to the surface of the planet to collect a Star Plant. Along the way, you scale mountains, fly over landscapes, and climb the plant higher and higher as it grows. The game has a lovely sense of humor that reminds me somewhat of Pikmin, and everything about it is so cute.

It apparently came into being when Ubisoft was testing a physics engine, and the physics of the game are the focus. BUD’s adorable fumbling starts frustrating but quickly becomes routine, and flying over the landscapes is so fun. The bright colors and whimsical setting mean there’s a lot to see and explore, and the crystal and sample collection make the packrat in me happy.

It’s an incredibly simple game that goes to show you don’t need a lot of flash and bang to create something fun.

It’s a hard game to describe, so here’s a gameplay video:

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