• r/hobbydrama sounds like an amazing place.

  • It really doesn’t help that a lot of the words they’re trying to coin are words specifically for writing. Their internet origin is baked into their pronunciation. Latinx was invented because they realized they couldn’t say [email protected]

  • To be fair, that’s also the difference between High Middle and Late Early Modern English. The loss of the schwa and Great Vowel Shift alone results in a dramatically different sounding language. The first line sounds like “Wan that Ah-preel with his shores soote”, when Modern English would pronounce it “Wen that Aay-prill with his showers sooht”.

  • It’s pretty hard to learn Spanish without being able to distinguish verb forms.

    And now you know why most Americans leave high school not being able to speak Spanish. American public school teaches you to translate English into Spanish. It doesn’t teach you how to think in Spanish.

    I learned more Japanese teaching myself than years of S…[Read more]

  • All my student-level experience has been that it’s not teachers being lazy but it actually getting banned by the higher ups.

    By 1988, one out of every four Mexican-Americans who passed AP Calculus in the entirety of America were educated by a single man, named Jaime Escalante, a teacher at East Los Angeles’ Garfield High School. He was just that…[Read more]

  • The educational problems here stem from the fact that school itself, specially public school, is there mainly to “pretend” it’s performing its activities, as a form of facade to disguise the incompentence of the government as whole.

    The economic illiteracy of the average person, and the lack of economic education in public school, make a lot o…[Read more]

  • There are idiots everywhere, and academia is no exception.

    It really should be! The fact it isn’t is why we should burn it all to the ground and start all over.

    the assumption you can string a sentence together is made

    I have a friend whose work currently involves grading undergrad essays, and I am floored by their writing level. It’s…[Read more]

  • to the point where she has her own forum dedicated to herself and her infamous reviews

    At first I thought they were talking about this site, but then I remembered you have an FFN forum. Isn’t it literally called Bitching About Farla or something?

    … You have multiple places dedicated to talking about yourself. Welp.

    I want her to leave a…[Read more]

  • You might wanna keep quiet about this. If word of this gets out and everyone starts using this, then FFN might actually realize there’s an exploit in their code and change it.

    Then again… they might not be competent enough at site design to fill the hole. It wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Does anyone else remember the Vampires vs. Zombies episode of Deadliest Warrior? They brought the author of World War Z to consult on the Zombies team, and it was full of that kind of nonsense. He was the cause of 50% of it.
    They also had a vampire being infected by the zombie virus.

  • The G-Virus can actually reanimate dead tissue, though.

  • The House of the Dead movies, especially the second one, are surprisingly good zombie movies for the era they were made in.

    Think about that for a moment.

  • Lots of academics don’t see the value of academics that aren’t their kind of academics, and most academics don’t deal with oral histories (even ones that really should be).

  • CrazyEd commented on the post, NaRe 2020 Day 23 1 month ago

    I can’t believe people are so surprised FFN didn’t notice this for seven years. They probably would’ve noticed it a lot faster if it was a widespread piece of knowledge on the site. If FFN’s users are anything like the Ao3 users I’ve seen who have reacted in amazement to learn that they didn’t have to write their stories in HTML because they’d…[Read more]

  • CrazyEd commented on the post, Prom Dreams 1 month, 1 week ago

    So, there’s this boy, and his friend thinks he needs a date for the prom! You’re challenged to find three likely girls, then pick one to actually ask out. While you’re at it, you can explore the school, listen to kids’ hopes and fears as the days pass, and help some idiot who thinks haunted houses are a prank.

    Also, it’s secretly a horror game.[Read more]

  • I know the audience will enjoy our having fun at Haymitch’s expense. He has been around so long, he’s practically an old friend to some of them. And after his head-dive off the stage at the reaping, everybody knows him.

    Isn’t he the guy in charge of sending them their sponsorship gifts?

    Perhaps he thinks a bowl of broth would just be a bow…[Read more]

  • And I think it’s actually the first time she’s been injured

    She probably lost some from the burns, and she bled from her ear after the explosion, but otherwise I think she’s good. Despite being a hunter, the environment has been a far more dangerous enemy than the other kids.

    So I’m not sure why she apparently needs to be hand fed here.…[Read more]

  • Never mind. If I get home, I’ll be so stinking rich, I’ll be able to pay someone to do my hearing.

    At the very least, she could’ve made this out to be some kind of sardonic action movie quip, to have a private laugh. You know, gallows humour, to keep up morale, and forget her situation. Anything to make it clear she’s not being ser…[Read more]

  • Personally, I’d suggest cooking blood and meat, but we’ve established Katniss is too picky to cook anything icky like that.

    Ex-Feral Child Yells at Young Adult Novels.

    So Katniss knew the name of all the boys and none of the girls.

    I think what really bothers me most about this, from a worldbuilding perspective, is that she seems to hav…[Read more]

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