• I know the audience will enjoy our having fun at Haymitch’s expense. He has been around so long, he’s practically an old friend to some of them. And after his head-dive off the stage at the reaping, everybody knows him.

    Isn’t he the guy in charge of sending them their sponsorship gifts?

    Perhaps he thinks a bowl of broth would just be a bow…[Read more]

  • And I think it’s actually the first time she’s been injured

    She probably lost some from the burns, and she bled from her ear after the explosion, but otherwise I think she’s good. Despite being a hunter, the environment has been a far more dangerous enemy than the other kids.

    So I’m not sure why she apparently needs to be hand fed here.…[Read more]

  • Never mind. If I get home, I’ll be so stinking rich, I’ll be able to pay someone to do my hearing.

    At the very least, she could’ve made this out to be some kind of sardonic action movie quip, to have a private laugh. You know, gallows humour, to keep up morale, and forget her situation. Anything to make it clear she’s not being ser…[Read more]

  • Personally, I’d suggest cooking blood and meat, but we’ve established Katniss is too picky to cook anything icky like that.

    Ex-Feral Child Yells at Young Adult Novels.

    So Katniss knew the name of all the boys and none of the girls.

    I think what really bothers me most about this, from a worldbuilding perspective, is that she seems to hav…[Read more]

  • Aw, that’s not that bad Katniss.

    I dunno, after six days of treatment with stream water and mud, that could just as easily be sepsis.

     the idea that people hate each other because they’re so alike

    I mean… in the case of Haymitch and Katniss, considering the type of people they are, if they were alike, I could easily see them hatin…[Read more]

  • They aren’t giving the kids guns so there’s obviously some attempt at keeping things balanced.

    Ironically, guns would easily be the best way to keep everything balanced. God created man, but Samuel Colt made them equal. Some of the characters in Battle Royale are only able to survive for as long as they did because they got a gun, and in the…[Read more]

  • CrazyEd commented on the post, Hunger Games Ch18 1 week ago

    Last time on the childmurder games, the obvious happens. Worse, it’s also the more boring option.

    While rereading this (especially the parts in the Capital that most Hunger Games stories seem to end at), I was actually getting ideas for a story from the unreliable perspective of a career tribute, and I specifically had an idea for a tribute t…[Read more]

  • CrazyEd commented on the post, Hunger Games Ch17 1 week ago

    How fucking hard is it to do basic research?

    I don’t doubt the author didn’t do research for this part, but I do doubt that it was any more than “I had sushi once, and that’s raw, isn’t it?”

    People who are deaf in one ear compensate well enough. Her hearing is definitely going to be impaired, but wall of nothingness is rather over the top…[Read more]

  • You can’t really call it Lovecraftian Horror at that point, though.

  •  If he can live millenia, why is he not around running the counci even now?

    I’m pretty sure he’s busy pestering Ishtar back in Ancient Babylonia right now, so that could explain that.

  • I think the best comment someone in that thread made was how the Outer Gods exist outside of space and time, so going back in time to fight them would be pointless.

  • Which makes it all the weirder, considering that would be the perfect way to portray the White Council if you wanted to make them the analogue to the police of a noir story. Having Harry be in favour of the idea of the WC, and working towards that end, but not necessarily a fan of what they are, and stymieing that when needed, is pretty much w…[Read more]

  • I suppose, but she doesn’t typically get protagonist-tier roles to play, because she’s not in a better work. In that regard, she’s more like those selfless, and nameless, police officers who selflessly, and namelessly, play out their predefined NPC roles. Of course Murphy has these traits, they’re the traits of the supporting role the book has for…[Read more]

  • Good stories can get lots of mileage out of the whole Lawful vs. Good question, but Dresdenverse has nowhere near established a good track record at anything but warping the world around Harry.

    That’s because Lawful is considered evil for opposing Harry (a lawbreaker) and Good is apparently Chaotic Neutral according to Harry and Lawful Catholic…[Read more]

  • So, uh, the guys who made the Dresden Files RPG are making a Cthulu RPG. It’s, uh… Well. I’m copying the text of the tweet here, because I hope to god they realize what they wrote and delete it.

    In Fate of Cthulhu, you don’t play a hapless investigator spiraling inevitably toward doom. You’re a kick-ass resistance fighter from the future,…

    [Read more]

  • In order to end this conflict they wish to extradite you to an area of their designation for trial. A resolution that is, perhaps, distasteful, but may also be only just.

    I love how literally the only reason the wizards have a problem with this is that they don’t want to give the vampires shit. If only the vampires had given the White Council a…[Read more]

  • She does have a concept of modesty, though, so she keeps her underclothes on. Because what matters isn’t if you die, it’s if you’re naked when you’re attacked.

    From a Fight Science perspective, this actually makes a lot of sense. Fighting naked is, mentally, a very different game than fighting with clothes on. Take someone who is used to figh…[Read more]

  • Then she says Another reason to keep inside the fence of District 12. which – what? You just said they didn’t remove them, but now you’re saying it’s safe in the district?

    This actually makes a measure of sense. It’s been 74 years since the first rebellion, so while the Capitol didn’t remove them, I imagine the residents of the district…[Read more]

  • The girl with the arrows, Glimmer I hear someone call her — ugh, the names the people in District 1 give their children are so ridiculous —

    Yeah, Katniss, you’re right: Glimmer is such a ridiculous name.

    You’d’ve thought she’d have this thought much earlier, like during the interview, but I guess she was too busy thinking about how slu…[Read more]

  • Incidentally, I just happen upon this comment again, and I actually posted what I think I was referring to with this comment… uh… two years ago. So you can actually read for yourself and judge whether or not I was successful. I think I was, at least.

    (I think I might’ve posted this story here once before, but I can’t for the life of me…[Read more]

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