• … JFC. I want to say it’s unfair to judge the games by that figure, but it’s not like the games are totally innocent of having pretty women around and sexualizing them in (what seems like the depressingly standard) JRPG fashion.No longer trusting myself to be objective, I read an article detailing some of the sexualization/harassment in VC4, the…[Read more]

  • The even more obvious parallel is the entire Ventrue clan, which explicitly draw a line between old-school nobility and modern corporate executives etc. Get it? A Ventrue capitalist! Yes, remarkably subtle. Ol’ Lacroix even did a colonizer stint in Africa, where he found the Sheriff. Just a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it thing, not political at all.

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    Yeah, the original Bloodlines even made at least one direct dig at the GOP, considering voting for them an unpardonable sin. The game was not trying to be subtle about who the real bloodsuckers were, you know. That said, I do see how a gamerbro could get through it thinking that it’s not ‘political’ just because, like, it’s full of scantily clad…[Read more]

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    I guess DA is more similar to an MMO, then. Bioware better not get any ideas.

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    Ah yes, that new lead writer they’re introducing is a riot. I remember seeing an interview where she led with a joke about expanding the sewer levels when asked how she’d improve the game. That’s how you know she’s the real thing.

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    Isn’t that basically like, uh Dragon Age? Or even Bioware RPGs in general. Though I guess those do allow you to pause.

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    Yeah, that’s fair. Berseria definitely got hit with costume sexual dimorphism ludicrously hard, which was all the more noticeable because, like, the party was actually balanced, gender-wise. Heck, it was the first in almost 20 Tales games to actually have a female protagonist not overshadowed by a man! And her Count of Monte Cristo-style…[Read more]

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    Bloodlines 2 feels weirdly relevant to our day and age, given that Bloodlines 1 was also released during a terrible Republican administration and, not coincidentally, dealt with themes challenging entrenched power structures and the corruption they cause.

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    I guess there’s something to be said for picking up an old IP to cut out most of the legwork in terms of lore and name recognition (looks at Bethesda and Fallout).

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    Star Wars, whatever.
    The early aughts were the golden era of SW video games. Battlefront, KOTOR1/2, the Jedi Knight series. SW was really well-represented across several genres. I would like to see a return of that, if possible.
    Hey, a Hollow Knight shoutout. Guess it got an XBox port.
    Yeah, it was ported to the consoles September of last year.…[Read more]

  • Yeah, Sekiro rewards a specific playstyle, which hurts its replayability compared to Dark Souls (not enough to stop me from putting 100 hours into it) and also makes it harder for people who played Dark Souls in specific ways.

    I’ve been hearing good things about Katana Zero. I’ll check it out.

    I wish the boss’s final phase didn’t have that…[Read more]

  • Dark Souls and Sekiro actually demand totally different things from the player, so it’s understandable that some people find Sekiro easier. I think Dark Souls is probably the more widely appealing/accessible series in:re difficulty; you can make Dark Souls as easy or hard as you like just with like, stat and gear choices. Sekiro’s focus on…[Read more]


    A boss rush REALLY REALLY REALLY wouldn’t work in Sekiro, considering how it works. You absolutely don’t have the resources to do so and it’d be the most tedious Git Gud thing ever.

    Yeah, I guess my fault for misspeaking, but I don’t mean a traditional consecutive boss rush, I suppose. I mean more along the lines of what Hollow Knigh…[Read more]

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    Fondness is a good way to put it. I’m also fond of the game. It’s got a lot of personality and flavor for a roguelike. The item descriptions still crack me up.

  • The remake is built upon the original, gameplay and story-wise. You can even choose to have the extra content put at the end and play the original story as intended. There are tons of bells and whistles like voice-acting and updated art (YMMV on the new art). User interface is also improved quite a bit, plus some other quality-of-life stuff.…[Read more]

  • Coming in a hundred years late to say that, while the remake’s art team was definitely more objectionable, that’s almost the only negative thing you could say about it. The remake is extremely competently made, being essentially the exact original with a slew of Quality-of-Life changes and DLC-like expanded content. Highlights include:

    • The option…

    [Read more]

  • Ooh, yeah, I forgot about Link to the Past. Man, that Link was loaded. Though I still do like the idea of somehow working in other incarnations’ magical tools.

  • Yeah, I can easily see Archer/Saber/Rider in Link. As for Caster, Wind Waker and OOT Link can both literally affect the weather, time, and other shit mages would envy him for. Berserker feels the most like a stretch out of all of them, since it’s less a fighting style or even a propensity for violence as it is strictly madness.

    In canon, I…[Read more]

  • Ahhh. Okay, I forget whether or not that’s possible, specifically. If summoning Servants is, like implied in F/SN, actually summoning the heroic spirit itself instead of creating a ‘copy’ of it, then that may be impossible regardless of whether the hero can qualify for multiple classes or not. If summoning Servants is still just creating copies to…[Read more]

  • I haven’t played a Zelda game since Wind Waker, so I’m somewhat curious as to how he fits them all. That said, there don’t seem to be hard requirements. It’s all along the lines of “can you vaguely justify it within their canon”.

    I definitely see no reason to even put Link in all the seven base classes when you can have Zelda herself as a m…[Read more]

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