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I’m on vacation, but while I put off finishing the Higurashi conclusion, y’all should check out Mimpi, an absolutely adorable little platformer about a cute pupper trying to find their human. Everything about it is endearing, and it’s nice to see a game with a built-in hint system so all the puzzles are actually solvable. Check it out!

(Semi-related: is there any interest in a DQ Steam Curator account?)


  1. illhousen says:

    Semi-related: is there any interest in a DQ Steam Curator account?

    How does it work and what’s the benefit?

    1. Act says:

      Well, the benefit for me is being able to see in one place all the games we’ve reviewed and whether they were positive or negative, making it a bit easier for me to keep track of what I have and haven’t done.

      For the 10 people who care about our opinions, it’s a quick-and-dirty way to find DQ Approved (TM) games.

      edit: Whoops, as for how it works — you’d just follow us on Steam and can see a list of all the games with links to the full reviews on the blog.

      1. illhousen says:

        OK, sounds useful, I’m in.

  2. illhousen says:

    So, played Mimpi. It was very cute. The underwater levels were really frustrating, though, and the ball game was annoying. Other parts were OK, gameplay-wise.

    1. Act says:

      Really? I didn’t mind the underwater levels — I was worried they’d be trying, but found them simple enough.

      I do wish there had been other hint games than the single Tetris one. That’s probs my biggest complaint about the game — the hint-getting should be at least a little punishing, but my god I never want to play Tetris again.

      1. illhousen says:

        Could be a peeve of mine. I generally hate not having complete control over the avatar. So, when I contemplate the next puzzle and suddenly notice the dog drifting too low, I get annoyed and press up a few too many times, resulting in the bubble bursting.

        It… didn’t help that I kinda missed that you can move rotating red collars in the lava level and had to do the level the hard way.

        Agree on Tetris, though: it’s not really hard but very monotonous.

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