Concrit: The Commune

By far, the absolute worst kind of fic is the dystopic Hunger Games-spawned fic I have to slog through. The Twilight stuff is easy enough to gloss over, and I’m completely desensitized to the “my parents grounded me so I’m going to write fic about how I’m abused” crap. The HG stuff is its own special category of rage-inducing horror to me.

So, I came into this one kind of pre-irritated. That’s not necessarily fair, but at the same time, you asked me to read your crappy fic.

Unrelated: Is this too hard to read? Was doing two separate colors easier? I’m still struggling with Blogger’s formatting a bit (as you may have noticed).


Baffling Author Reaction Awards, Part 1

And in the “comments I have no idea how to respond to and can’t even tell if they’re serious or not” category, we have Matthew Dalzell:

“Excuse me, Act. Since you took such great pains to make us aware of your exceptional reviewing abilities and your likely dislike of our favorite authors, I thought I should mention some things to you with equal frankness:

authors are to be remembered by more than their surnames. As people united by the mutual bond of a love for writing, it follows that we should extend some courtesy and respect to others.

In addition, “Tolkein” will not do. I believe what you’re searching for is “J. R. R. Tolkien.””

edit: For some extra lulz/wtfery, you can check out his review on this fic (edit of the edit: and this one). “I personally enjoy wolves very much. I love them both in a literary, and biological way.” I wonder if this is an ellaborate troll.

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