A Wild Contributor Appears!

Hey, guys. I’m not Farla. Some of you may know me from Reviewing Rowling (which I have not abandoned, I promise!) or my time spent in the Pokemon fanfic arena, or just from seeing me absentmindly commenting on Farla’s rantings.

The Great and Wonderful Farla is allowing me to post some of my reviews over here. They’ll largely be original fiction review from my time spent modding over at Figment. Figment doesn’t have a page where you can view your past reviews, and I want to keep track of mine for my own reference as well as for a place to direct people who request from me so they can see what they’re getting in to.

You’ll be getting some short reviews from me, as well some some long, comprehensive crits.

So, that’s my story. Enjoy this “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” screencap from Yahoo!’s homepage. I hate you, Yahoo.

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