Day 2 Pokemon Reviews (32)

Before we begin:

Sharing Grubloaf, a gift!

“Found it with Dualscar when we were FLARPing tonight. We divvied up the loot like usual, and I got this, but it doesn’t really look like proper treasure to me! Kinda old and boring and laaaaaaaame! So obviously I thought of you!”

This is so perfectly, perfectly Vriska.

Thanks so much for this! It’s lovely to see them having a peaceful breather, and the bit about ancestors was touching.


Day 1 Pokemon Reviews (9)

It’s that time of year again!

Rules this time are no real rules. I’ll probably be ignoring most romance stories except to bitch about their dialogue, unless I don’t. The rare fic I have no opinion at all about will also be ignored.

For those of you new at this, I remind you there’s a link to your block page on my profile. Just stick my name there and all’s well.


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