Hello my loves! We have, perhaps surprisingly late, decided to set up a Patreon. It would mean so much if you’d help support us. I’ve included the pitch below the jump. You can find us at Idk what else to say. <3


Whoa, what’s going on here?

Hi, theoretical person! I’m Act, writing on behalf of myself, Farla, and St.Elmo’s Fire, the three runners of the media criticism blog Dragon Quill. Together, we do reviews and analysis of all types of media, from fanfiction to books to movies to videogames and beyond. Our big projects are long, analytical Let’s Read series of major books and visual novels. Our most popular Let’s Reads are of the Hunger Games novelsand Fate / Stay Night — if you don’t know us, those two are a good barometer of what to expect from our content.

I know all that. I meant what’s going on here, with the Patreon.

Well, we thought it would be a way to take some of the site costs off our shoulders.

Wait, so if this fails, what happens to the site??

Nothing! Nothing is going to change. There is no scenario where the blog ends, or we stop posting, or anything else bad. The only potential outcome of this for you, the audience, is a chance to interact more fully with us and potentially have more of a say in which works we review. Also you might get a stuffed animal, which is fun.

So if nothing changes, what’s the point?

Well, DQ costs between $200 – $250 a year to maintain, so it’d be nice to defray some of that, especially considering I’ve spent the past two years getting fucked by the American healthcare system. If you all like the site enough to want to let us a hand with its upkeep, that’d be really cool. If not, that’s fine; it won’t have a huge affect on our lives.

What happens once you cover the site costs?

Well, in a parallel universe where we’re just raking in that sweet, sweet literary criticism cash, presumably we’d split it.

For me personally, it would really allow me to dedicate a lot of time to this, which would be pretty awesome. Writing posts, especially for the long LPs, takes a huge amount of time — for Umineko, the shorter posts can take 6 – 8 hours, and for posts like the Higurashi ones, we’re talking 12 – 15 plus — and because my life is an utter clusterfuck, it unfortunately means doing the posts is constantly pushed to the bottom of my priority list in favor of things that are more financially viable, because capitalism, which sucks. I would do only this if I could, but I can’t. Alternate Universe LitCrit Cash-Raking would let me do a lot more of something I love.

Meanwhile, Farla and Elmo really need new equipment. The only functioning console they have is a 3DS, and their computers keep dying. Being able to keep up with, say, new Pokemon releases, without having to break the bank would be a big deal to them.

And again, there’s no scenario where posts stop, or are slowed down in like retaliation, or anything like that. Either things stay the same, or they get more frequent — never less, I promise.

Don’t you feel bad asking people for money?

Absolutely. But that’s how I feel about every human interaction I have, so it’s hard to know how much stock to put in it.

The way I’ve been looking at it is this: When a creator I like has a Patreon, I always get really excited. I really am happy to have the chance to support talented people doing cool things who wouldn’t be able to do them without the support of people like me. My hope is that, if you like us, you’ll be happy to see we’re reaching out, in the same way I’m happy when I’m the one in the audience.

Alright. Talk to me about rewards.

First of all, I want to be clear about two things:

1. There will never, ever be content behind a paywall.

We will never put posts up only for backers. I also feel very strongly that discussion about posts will not happen here, only on the blog itself.

2. You should not support us if us tearing apart something you like will make you feel cheated.

We talked about this one a lot, and ultimately decided it wouldn’t be a big issue for a few reasons. 1) Most of the stuff we really tear into are haterecs; 2) Anyone who likes us enough to pay us already knows what to expect from our reviews and wouldn’t be surprised by disagreement; and 3) We already have rules that kind of forestall this: we don’t accept gratis copies or payments in exchange for reviews, and we allow creators to rec their work like any other work, provided they understand it will be treated like any other work. 

That said, if you feel strongly that a negative review of [thing] will make you regret supporting us, please don’t support us. It’s far more important to us that you continue to enjoy the blog than give us money.

Right now, we have five tiers set up. These are subject to change at any time. In fact, I imagine they’ll be adjusted as time goes on, though we’ll ensure you’ll never end up losing privileges. 

All tiers are cumulative and include everything below them!

Tier 0: $1/month
You like us but also you’re poor, which is fine! We appreciate you wanting to let us know you appreciate our work <3

If you want to just lowkey say, “Hey, I like what you all do,” this is where you live. 

Tier 1: $5/month

Get access to polls to help influence which we review next, as well as an ‘upcoming posts’ list to see what’s on the docket.

We’re bringing back polls! Yes, once upon a time you choose our direction, and once again you’ll be able to.

I also will let y’all in on what’s to come — see the titles of the posts currently in the queue, as well as their pub times, so you can prepare your angry rant. You will not be able to see post content.

Tier 2: $10/month

Also get a list of unplayed games and unread books Act currently owns, so you can vote for what you think she should pick up next!

I currently have a massive amount of media sitting around. I also keep lists of it. Get a link to my lists and nominate works to jump to the top! The most-voted stuff will be what I pick up next.

Tier 3: $15/month

Also, you get a handmade plushie from Act~ (One-time)

To be clear, you do not get infinite monthly plushies. Just one.

Some of you may be aware that I paint. Well, chemo made my fingers stop working. I can type again, obviously, which is nice, but I’m a long way away from painting. In the meantime, I started using a sewing machine and making stuffed animals! If you choose this we can chat about what you want. I’m not a miracle worker, but I’ve done some cute shit.

Tier 4: $20/month

Also, once a month, you can bump something directly to the top of the review queue. Does not roll over — no saving up bumps and having us do a billion things at once.

You know how you rec something and then we never do it? This is the tier that changes all that! Once a month, you can force something to the top of our queue, ensuring not just that we play/read/watch it, but that it sees a review. As the note says, these expire each month so that there’s no situation where like someone uses 324 of them at once or whatever.

What else should I know?

I don’t know! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and we’ll figure things out together.

Much love,


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  1. Roarke says:

    We have, perhaps surprisingly late

    I’ll say. I could have been paying y’all for years.


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