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I have two brilliant Twilight hatefics you all should read. They are both some of my favorite fanfics I’ve found in my ten+ years of doing this shit, and I need to tell someone who cares about this type of thing about them, so here you go.

The first is actually a series: a canon rewrite of Twilight. Twilight is in part so fascinating because for all of its terrifying horribleness, there’s some really interesting ideas in there.

The retelling was written by Mrs. Hyde, one of the sisters who co-runs the das-sporking LJ community that works basically the same as we do here. She is a brilliant and insightful writer.

This fic is divided into several parts. The first is “The Darkest Hour,” a retelling of Edward Cullen’s history and his “vigilante” days that is really well done and actually makes him sympathetic. It then has three short “bridge” stories that get us from Edward joining Carlisle to Forks, WA in Bella’s present day. All the stories work quite well by themselves, but together they are really wonderful.

At the very least you should read “The Thorns Remain,” Rosalie’s part of the story. It turns Rape as a Backstory into an actual story and wonderfully parses Rosalie’s character.

The second half of the rewrite is “The Blue Hour,” a retelling of Bella’s story of which only a few chapters have made their way to the internet. Hyde has stated it is still being worked on and will only be posted when it is done in its entirety. I actually found the opening more “eh,” than its prequels, but it was a first draft and Bella does kind of suck.

These fics require no knowledge of the Twilight fandom at all to be entertaining.


The Darkest Hour (Edward) on LJ
Word Count: ~67,000
Rating: Strong R for sexual imagery, language, and strong violence 
Summary: “All things truly wicked start from an innocence.” A young Edward Cullen gets his first taste of the real world. Quote from A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway.

The Thorns Remain (Rosalie) on LJ
Word Count: 18,680
Rating: R for thematic elements, disturbing imagery, violence, and rape
Summary: “He was waiting. Waiting for Rosalie to come back.” Edward sits up and waits for his sister to come home. A study in shades of gray.

His Brother’s Keeper (Emmett) on LJ
Word Count: 15,135
Rating: R for thematic elements
Summary: “Emmett was quite simply like no one that Edward had ever met before.” Edward learns what it means to be a brother.

Curiouser and Curiouser (Alice) on LJ
Word Count: 7,085
Rating: PG
Summary: “Whatever she said was bound to be crazy.” The local diner has a not-so-regular customer.

The Blue Hour (Bella) on LJ

The second of the two is actually a crossover fic, Twilight/Supernatural. HOWEVER, you do not need any knowledge of Supernatural’s canon to enjoy or get them. I’ve never seen the show in my life, and I thought they were great. You will need to know Twilight pretty well, though. The protagonist of this fic is Leah Clearwater, who is popular with hatefans. If you don’t know her or don’t know why people like her, the fic won’t make much sense.

The idea behind this fic is something of a catharsis for Leah. Seven years after the end of Breaking Dawn, Leah is forced to return to Forks for Jacob and Renesmee’s wedding. It was co-written by Hyde and Das_Mervin.

This is a more fun fic than the other series (it tends toward parody), and treats characters antis tend to like (Rosalie, Emmett, Claire, Leah) very lovingly. More importantly, it’s wonderfully written.

The Wedding Crashers on LJ | on FFN
WORD COUNT: 77,000
WARNINGS: Language; some violence; some sexual innuendo; thematic elements.
After two years on her own, and two more as a hunter with Sam and Dean
Winchester, Leah thought she’d escaped her old life at La Push. But when
she’s called home to attend Jacob and Renesmee’s wedding, she brings a
little company, and the stage is set for her old and new lives to


  1. Sueda says:
    The moment you mentioned ‘Twilight hatefic’, these stories were the ones that came to mind. The Darkest Hour is a really interesting one, because I began to watch the Eclipse-Rifftrax shortly after, and found myself additionally frustrated over Edward’s abusive and controlling behavior because the version of him in my head was still the sympathetic but flawed one portrayed in the Darkest Hour, which does not fit Edward’s canon characterization at all.
  2. illhousen says:
    I’ve read Wedding Crashers and Rosalie’s story. The fics are pretty good and very cathartic after reading das-sporking. It probably should also be noted that das-sporking spawned entire collection of hatefics hosted on a seperate community (twispitefics). Some of them are worth reading.
    1. go.a says:
      Ehhh, I though Wedding Crashers was pretty lame tbh. Dean was a total dumbass, Leah was blatantly sueish, all the vamps were cartoonishly evil (I know, hard to top the source material), there were tons of errors in terms of continuity within the story (random name mistakes, Alice looks 15 in one chapter then 14 in another) etc.

      I generally hate crossover fics because they flanderize like 99% of the characters and WC was no exception.

      1. illhousen says:
        Well, Wedding Crashers is not a fic that can stand as its own story. It is a hatefic written in response to all things that bothered author in Twilight canon, so if you don’t like to hate Twilight, you want enjoy this story.

        Leah may come across as sueish, but the story is meant to serve as a closure to her and a vindication for two books of everyone shitting on her at first opportunity.

        As for vamps, as far as I can tell they are mostly consistent with their canon portrayal, albeit exterrageted.

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