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Concrit: The Commune

By far, the absolute worst kind of fic is the dystopic Hunger Games-spawned fic I have to slog through. The Twilight¬†stuff is easy enough to gloss over, and I’m completely desensitized to the “my parents grounded me so I’m going to write fic about how I’m abused” crap. The HG stuff is its own special category of rage-inducing horror to me.

So, I came into this one kind of pre-irritated. That’s not necessarily fair, but at the same time, you asked me to read your crappy fic.

Unrelated: Is this too hard to read? Was doing two separate colors easier? I’m still struggling with Blogger’s formatting a bit (as you may have noticed).


Concrit: Ira Est…

I freaking loved this fic. You all can watch as I flounder around foolishly and my inclination to assume the worst of the author’s ability gets the best of me– enjoy (boyfriend sure did).

The other thing I didn’t mention but that was really important and well-done here was the lack of handholding. DON’T TALK DOWN TO THE READER DAMMIT.

(edit: meanwhile, the author for this one was kind of ungrateful… people are so wildly unpredictable.)

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