Umineko – Turn of the Golden Witch – 10/5, 11:59 PM – 12:00 AM

Last time, the witch will revive.

We join the loose ends in the chapel, where Rosa is dragging Maria along as she attempts to pilfer a gold bar from the corpse table, because priorities: Rosa has them.

Maria just creepy-laughs as Rosa tries to lug a gold bar out of the church.

Upstairs, Bea seems to be beating Kinzo at chess.

Kinzo: “……How pleasant! Truly an elegant night. Ku-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-ha…!!”
Genji: “………Master, Beatrice-sama. It will soon be time for the banquet.”
Kinzo: “Already? ……That’s fast. Every night I pass with you goes by fast, the moon falls like an apple, and the sun leaps out of the river like a small fish.”

!!!!! Whoa, that really mirrors the language in the epitaph.

Behold the sweetfish river running through my beloved hometown.
You who seek the Golden Land, follow its path downstream in search of the key

So if Kinzo is using the same metaphor, the ‘sweetfish river’ is just a body of water in/on the island that reflects the sun brightly. Hmm, or maybe it’s any light, or any reflection. I could see is being will-o-the-wisps on a moor, if the island has moors. A place where the sun is reflected brightly. I’m not sure if we’ve seen anything like that; or at least if we have, I don’t remember. Regardless, I may be interpreting it wrong, but this feels like too specific a metaphor to be a throwaway detail.

Actually, let’s look at the rest of the epitaph, which I haven’t in a while:

As you travel down it, you will see a village.
In that village, look for the shore the two will tell you of.
There sleeps the key to the Golden Land.

The one who obtains the key must then travel to the Golden Land in accordance with these rules [the deaths]


The witch will praise the wise, and should bestow four treasures.
One shall be, all the gold from the Golden Land.
One shall be, the resurrection of the souls of all the dead.
One shall be, even the resurrection of the lost love.
One shall be, to put the witch to sleep for all time.

So once you solve the opening, you have to complete the ritual, which… is a hard sell. But! You also revive everyone and put Bea to sleep, so it’s kind of a wash. Still, I feel like there won’t be many volunteers for sacrifices. But I also have no clue what the key is yet so it’s kind of moot.

Actually, one of the reasons I haven’t thought about the epitaph again ’til now is because meta!Bat has kind of lost sight of it, too. I wonder if and how it fits into the metagame.

Well, regardless, let’s keep moving.

The witch was relaxing elegantly, her feet thrown out from the sofa and sitting on top of a footrest. …However, the footrest wasn’t a part of the sofa, ……it was a human. Which was down on all fours……

So she turned Bat into literal furniture. Hah.

It’s interesting, that in the Natsuhi timeline, he keep his head through the end, but in the Rosa one he’s so broken down by the end he can’t take it any more and just submits to Beatrice. Natsuhi made some questionable choices but she was by and large trying to do what she thought was best for the kids, especially Jess. Rosa just browbeat everyone until they were puddles of desperation, which isn’t super conducive to surviving a magic murdergame.

Anyway Genji tells Bea to get dressed for the banquet and Bea’s into some kinky shit:

Beatrice: “Do you know why I am not embarassed to show myself to you naked? It’s because you are furniture. Fu-rniture. Understand? Furniture, just fu-rniture! Who would feel shame at exposing their body to furniture? So there is no reason for me to feel shame because of you. …*cackle*cackle*cackle*cackle*cackle*!”

When the witch stood up, her jacked slipped off, just from her shoulders. ……After that, the jacked fell to the ground with a thump. When the furniture respectfully approached to pick up those clothes, the witch gave it a small kick and it fell over. …The furniture was afraid of what misconduct it had shown…

This whole epilogue feels like Beatrice’s personal noncon fic, tbh.

 But they all had one thing in common, and that thing was exceedingly bizarre. …Because all of them… had goat heads. I don’t know whether it was a goat mask masquerade, or whether they really had goat heads. It probably couldn’t be the latter, but in this bizarre world, I really didn’t know which was true…

I feel like Beatrice wouldn’t throw herself a party and only invite furniture. It’s got to be a mix of both.

Kinzo was among those goat nobles, greeting them. Kinzo’s greetings were more respectful than would have been expected, as though these were all honored guests. At that time, Genji’s voice rang out through the hall.

Holding my commentary on Genji for the ending of the route as a whole.

Anyway, he announces Beatrice and her revival and everyone applauds.

So it does look like it’s at least partially a masquerade.

Bea greets Rika, and Rika looks at the Bat-on-a-string and is like, “How gauche,” and walks away and Bea’s just like, what a sore loser.

Bea cackles and says LET US FEAST.

When the witch proclaimed the beginning of the banquet, the large clock pointed to 24:00, and the sound of a bell began to ring out…

Beatrice: “Come……, now is the time!! Open the golden door…………!!!”

[…] Amidst the goats’ delighted voices, the mansion of the human world and the mansion of those not human overlapped… and the members of the household that praised the resurrection of the Golden Witch scattered into gold butterflies, and poured out of the depths of hell… It was… a golden tornado. A rondo of golden demons.

“Come, tonight we will put aside rank. Throw open the wine cellar, drop the snake’s head into the liquor pot, throw cows and chickens into the furnace alive, drink and eat and sing and dance, sneer and kill and desecrate and degrade!!”

Kinzo runs up shouting that he wants Bea to whisk him away to the Golden Land! He’s quickly surrounded by furniture.

The goat nobles were suddenly crushing in around Kinzo. …Almost like they were kids demanding the signature of some famous movie star.

There were two differences. First, they were witches, not kids. And second, what the witches demanded were not signatures.

The sea of goat nobles began to drown Kinzo. Only Kinzo’s laughing voice echoed throughout the area.

And then —

Image result for that escalated quickly gif

Well, I take it Kinzo didn’t realize this was the thrust of the whole thing.

Anyway, this confirms my suspicious that the Golden Land is more hell than heaven, and explains Maria’s desperate letter.

But, uh, not what I expected, even so.

Something of note thought — the narration seems to be distinguishing between the goat furniture and the goat nobles. Is it the people in costume, the actual guests, doing the consuming? Or is it furniture and demons? If the former, why?

Anyway, Bea then lets them devour furniture!Battler. You really should have seen this coming, furniture!Battler. Incidentally, where is meta!Battler? Bea strikes me as someone who’d like to make him watch.

Back with Rosa and Maria, the whole place is swarming with butterflies, and Rosa is trying to force Maria to run, presumably to the boat launch or something.

Yesyes, we all know the priority list for Rosa is money > violence > herself > Maria.

Rosa sees the butterflies and goats chasing them.

A goat grabs Maria from behind and Rosa shoots it in the face.

She tells Maria they need to just head for the water and try to swim across. She shoots goats while they try to run.

As they run for their lives, Rosa has a crisis of conscience:

…Why am I running with a gun in my right hand and the gold in my left? Why don’t I let go with one hand and grasp Maria’s hand…?!!

I can’t let go of the gun that protects my body. I can’t let go of the gold that protects my future. But even so, I let go of the hand of my daughter, the person who is my future…?!

This doesn’t actually affect her behavior, though — she hangs on to the gold and the gun and leave Maria to her own devices as the sprint for the beach.

As they’re heading down the stairs to the shore, Rosa trips and falls. The gold bar goes flying away, out of her grasp. She can’t believe her whole life was for nothing.

Meanwhile Maria screams and cries, saying she can’t leave Mama behind. Rosa tells her to just go, but Maria won’t. Rosa doesn’t understand. She’s been a terrible mother.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Poor Maria.

I think it’s interesting that the game makes sure to note there’s no way to recover the gold at this point — on the surface this looks like a breakthrough, but the fact is Maria only entered the scene after the gold left and a space opened up.

Maria continues to refuse to leave Rosa’s side, and the scene fades out with Rosa firing wildly at the goats.

Posted Image

I may be missing something, but if I recall correctly, there’s no letter from Maria washed up on the shore this time. Does that mean that Rosa living til the end also causes Maria to not be able to survive in the Golden Land? Because that’s kind of funny in a horrible way.

Posted Image

Anyway, we’re not done yet! Time to get our meta on. Next up is the Tea Party, and then we get to visit with Rika again <33333


  1. Heatth says:

    This whole epilogue feels like Beatrice’s personal noncon fic, tbh.

    Heh, yeah, it does.

    on the surface this looks like a breakthrough, but the fact it Maria only entered the scene after the gold left and a space opened up.

    I don’t think I ever noticed that. It was always a bit “too little too late” for me, but it is sad to know it is even littler than I originally thought. =(

    Next up is the Tea Party, and then we get to visit with Rika again <33333

    She is great. I am most glad I got to read Higurashi between some of Umineko episodes, so I could understand how great Rika is. <3

  2. Cosmogone says:
    Hey, that’s a really good catch about the epitaph! In this case I think “look for the shore the two will tell you of” means you should look for a shor with two stones or trees? And ritual killings in the epitaph probably refer to something innocuous, like a way to count paces from this point and “to kill” here means “to detract” (wait, wait, does it mean that someone is murdering people because they interpreted the epitaph more literally? I don’t really see it happening with how skeptical the family members are, but maybe one of the servants?)

    >>“Do you know why I am not embarassed to show myself to you naked? It’s because you are furniture.

    Holy shit, Ryukishi, when I jokingly suggested Beatrice and Battler were secretly in love, this is so not what I meant. Also it just occured to me that Beata is possibly his aunt and oh my god I’m never sleeping again.

    …Still! Does anyone else feel based on this segment that Beatrice has more personal feelings toward him? This all is very reminiscent of Beata’s rant at Shannon, and she seemed to view Shannon as a friend on some level. Does it mean that they know each other – or, well, that Battler knows not-witch Beata? Or maybe it’s revenge by proxy. Last episode Genji did draw parallels between Battler and Kinzo. That seemingly came out of nowhere, but what if he was implying some deeper similarities that “Battler gets drunk once”?

    Also, wow, is that Rosa’s “badass redemption scene” people bring up in her defence? I’m 100% unimpressed.

    Also, also, I have Thoughts about Kinzo’s death but I must read the final posts for this route to see if I’m missing something.

    1. Nerem says:
      Act cut out a ton of it. Like, it’s a good deal longer and there’s more than a little styling on massive monsters with stuff like killing them with a pen with Maria’s help. She and Maria work together super well when it comes down to it, it turns out.
      1. Act says:

        Yeah there was a huge amount of repetitive description of them running from and fighting off the goats that didn’t really lend itself to recapping.

        1. Joe says:
          >Yeah there was a huge amount of repetitive description


      2. Cosmogone says:
        Yeah, I know. I looked this scene up on Youtube, because it seemed tha I was missing something… and I’m still unimpressed. I don’t think Rosa had an actual change of heart about Maria. Yeah, she apologises for her abuse, but we’ve learnt early into the route that Rosa apparently often follows her violent outbursts with apologies – and chages literally nothing about her behavior, so this is hardly a redemption scene.

        Tl;Dr: Rosa is still the worst and I wish we had Takano back.

    2. Heatth says:

      Also, wow, is that Rosa’s “badass redemption scene” people bring up in her defence? I’m 100% unimpressed.

      I don’t remember, you are only following along with the liveblog here, right? Reading the game is a different experience. There is a lot more narration and emotional writing. It is easier to get caught in the momment.

      1. Cosmogone says:
        I finally got over myself and started following along on lparchive, since not having a full transcript led to me asking all sorts of dumb questions.) I guess I can see how this scene can have an emotional impact, but people calling it a “redemption scene” is an overreaction, imo.
        1. Actislazyandwontlogin says:
          Yeah, it was definitely a high-stakes, exciting scene, but certainly not redemptive. I don’t even think it was written to be redemptive; right up until the very last second Rosa doesn’t change her behavior, and even when they’re both about to die the best she can do is woe-is-me. If anything, it hammered in what a shitty person she was.
        2. Heatth says:

          I don’t disagree with your ultimate conclusion, but the scene is framed as a redemption. The whole point is that Rosa realized Maria should be the most important thing and it seems she was finally having a honset talk with her daughter, instead of giving excuses and empty promisses. It is not quite the same as her previous patter, as you mentioned in another comment.

          Now, that doesn’t necessarely mean anything. As Act pointed, Rosa change of heart only game after the gold started being a possibility, which cast doubt on how honest she was being. And as you said, it still close enough to how things aways were that the “redeption” is suspect from the get go.

          But there is still enough differences, flowery language and drama to make it look like a redemption scene, which is the whole point.

      1. Cosmogone says:
        Yep, I’ve seen it already, but thank you. I think this scene does nothing for me because, as Act pointed out, everything else makes it hard to believe that Rosa would follow up on her promise to be a better mother. Hell, she doesn’t even resolve to better herself exactly. she just sits there and mopes about but how can Maria love her??? like every single self-pitying abuser ever.
    3. Hyatt says:

      Holy shit, Ryukishi, when I jokingly suggested Beatrice and Battler were secretly in love, this is so not what I meant.

      When you suggested that, I was just waiting for this to come up. Battler might not agree, but Beato is his love interest. Or perhaps he’s her love interest, since she’s the one driving it. Either way, take that Dine and your “the mystery must be a purely intellectual affair with no romantic distractions for the detective”!

      1. illhousen says:

        I’m reasonably sure that “let’s take a huge dump on Van Dine and his view of mysteries” was one of the mission statements for writing Umineko. Not just in relation to this specific point but in general.

      2. Cosmogone says:
        >>Battler might not agree, but Beato is his love interest.

        Heh. This woman knows how to take the whole tsundere thing on a whole new level and I’m both afraid and eager to watch this trainwreck.

        >>Either way, take that Dine and your “the mystery must be a purely intellectual affair with no romantic distractions for the detective”!

        Considering some of the most workable/interesting suspects right now are the servants, I suspect that more than one of Dine’s rules was thrown in the fire.

        1. beanbug says:
          I’ve gotten through the majority of the Van Dine mysteries by now (midway through Casino now, the 8th one out of 12), and they are…something. General opinion is that most of them have good concepts but poor execution, and that where applicable other authors did it better, the most notable example being Bishop. Bishop started the whole nursery rhyme murder thing, but compared to basically every other iteration on the premise, it’s…kinda boring. With other stories, they usually have a connected rhyme, like with ATTWN. With Bishop…they’re all taken from Mother Goose, but there’s no other connections between the rhymes, so it’s not as cohesive. There’s no impending suspense of ‘there will be more victims’ that a lot of other iterations use. 

          My main thing is that most of the howdunnits are either boring or so completely unfair to the reader that it feels like you were cheated (Kennel is so, so guilty of this). There are a couple really good ones (Canary, Dragon) where knowing the how ties exactly into the culprit, but those are the only two like that, and suffer a lot from being a text medium. Both are more easily solved if you have visuals of the scene. 

          Van Dine uses psycology to figure out the culprit a lot of the time, so it doesn’t age well. At all. Let me tell you about ‘sitting around and only doing theoretical physics makes you a murderer’ and ‘criminality is a genetically inheritable trait’ because those two sure were whydunnits. 

          1. illhousen says:

            sitting around and only doing theoretical physics makes you a murderer

            The culprit, apparently.

          2. Act says:

            Well, there’s a reason Christie/Sayers/Carr are still household names and Van Dine is… not. Christie’s casual British sexism/racism are anachronistic, but her psychology generally isn’t and her writing certainly isn’t. I haven’t read as much Sayers or Carr, but they both also, in my experience, tend to hit on the humans universals as underpinnings, which isn’t easy to do.

          3. Cosmogone says:
            Tbh, I barely remember Dine’s stories themselves, but yeah, that was my overall impression too.

            >>Let me tell you about ‘sitting around and only doing theoretical physics makes you a murderer’

            Lol. Now I’m picturing Dine as Jack Thompson, shaking his fist at the sky and ranting about kids nowadays and their violent theoretical physics.

        2. Hyatt says:
          And poor Kinzo’s left out in the cold. He survives to the end this time, but he doesn’t even get to be her furniture or her anything. Just a meal for her guests.
          1. illhousen says:

            To be fair, he’s old. For all we know they did try to do the whole furniture thing, and that ended with Beatrice awkwardly applying a balm to Kinzo’s hurt back until he could sit straight again.

            They decided to just play chess for the rest of the evening instead.

  3. Keltena says:

    This whole epilogue feels like Beatrice’s personal noncon fic, tbh.

    AU where Beatrice just gets an AO3 account like a normal person and none of this has to happen.


    So what will happen next? Will some weird people wearing goat masks start doing the Bon Festival dance or something…?!

    Beatrice isn’t that garish, Battler.

    – Act, August 2017

    I think it’s interesting that the game makes sure to note there’s no way to recover the gold at this point — on the surface this looks like a breakthrough, but the fact is Maria only entered the scene after the gold left and a space opened up.

    Yeah, agreed completely. I’d say the content of what they’re saying in that scene does constitute a real breakthrough in some respects, in that they’re finally acknowledging some critically important things for the first time, but seeing the kind of circumstances it takes to make it happen (and the fact that Maria still has to be the one to walk her mother through it even so) is damning in its own right. And that’s even without having to address the issue of whether that progress would really have lasted if they’d survived, or if it would have just become the start of yet another honeymoon phase.

    Anyway, we’re not done yet! Time to get our meta on.

    It’s cute that you think it was ever even off!

    1. illhousen says:

      AU where Beatrice just gets an AO3 account like a normal person and none of this has to happen.

      Since we’ve established way back that Kinzo is already there, writing his OC/Beatrice fic, that can only lead to a shipping war.

    2. Actislazyandwontlogin says:
      If I’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that Beatrice is always that garish.
    3. U.N. Owen says:
      Beatrice’s most-used tags on AO3 are “Major Character Death,” “Femdom,” and “Dead Dove Do Not Eat,” and she’s written at least three master/slave AUs featuring a character with a suspicious similarity to Battler. The fic with the most hits is really weird Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes femdom noncon.
      1. Ghost says:

        Dead Dove Do Not Eat? That’s something I should Google in Incognito Mode, right?


        Edit: Googled it. I don’t know what I expected.

  4. SpoonyViking says:

    There’s a poem by Brazilian author Bernardo Guimarães called “A orgia dos duendes” (“The orgy of the sprites”, loosely translated), in which witches, werewolves and various other things that go bump in the night hold a feast in the woods. It’s a very striking poem which was very innovative for its time and place, even though it draws on old Witches’ Sabbath imagery.

    I mention it because the goat-headed witches descending on Kinzo is strikingly similar in some respects, which shows just how deep into that well Ryukishi dug. If this were an author like, say, Nasu, who was already known for his love of Western mythology and folklore I wouldn’t even bat an eye, but “Higurashi” was so Japanese in its imagery and reference that I’m kind of surprised Ryukishi pulled the shift off so well here.

    A minor thing, really, but I found it noticeable.

  5. beanbug says:
    If you’re looking to challenge the epitaph, I would highly recommend looking at both the original Japanese version of it and (for people following along) the LP archive transcription if you want to try and solve it. The answer is more or less independent of most of the other puzzles in the game, so you can figure out who Beato is without solving it.

    >>This whole epilogue feels like Beatrice’s personal noncon fic, tbh.

    I’m just glad Umineko was written before A/B/O became popular, because you know she’d be into weird dom/sub biological imperative knotting. Her modern day AO3 is probably full of A/B/O true crime RPF. She regularly gets into fights over if Jack the Ripper would be an alpha or omega.

    >>Something of note thought — the narration seems to be distinguishing between the goat furniture and the goat nobles. Is it the people in costume, the actual guests, doing the consuming? Or is it furniture and demons? If the former, why?

    It’s people in costume, I think? Not really sure. ‘Witches are into kinky shit’ is the explanation I’d personally give.

    For the people reading along, please listen to this absolute banger that was the BGM as Rosa was shooting the goats. It played earlier as well, when George and company were running from Beatrice in the chapel, but this is more or less the scene that it’s most associated with.

      1. beanbug says:
        Might wanna link to a polsy version instead? When you finish playing that song on YT’s embedded player, reccomended videos pop up, and might end up accidently bringing up a spoilery video.
  6. Socordya says:

    The first time I played Umineko, the scene with Rosa having trouble letting go of the gold to save her daughter seemed weird because she came off as the least money-obsessed among the siblings, so it was strange that she of all of them would have a scene like that.

    1. illhousen says:

      Well, she may not value the gold to the same extent as her siblings do, but apparently she values it more than she does Maria. Part of it, I feel, is that the dreams of other siblings do involve their family and their children. The search for gold for them is partly justified by providing their children with bright future, while for Rosa Maria seems like an inconvenience more than anything else.

      I mean, let’s look at the other parties involved.

      Eva is a terrible person, and her parenting style did George no favors, but she does seem invested in him. If it’s not exactly love and more like a project, well, I do believe she values him more than a piece of gold.

      Hideyoshi seems like he genuinely values family.

      Natsuhi demonstrated the last route that she takes her duty to protect the children very seriously. If she were to go after gold at all, it would be so she could bash goats’ heads with it.

      Krauss… maybe. We didn’t get much characterization for him being being a fuck up with finances.

      Rudolf, for all there is bad blood between him and Battler, does feel like he loves his son (he probably would get Battler to carry the gold, though).

      Kyrie… maybe. Her relationship with Battler is more that of friendly acquaintances rather than family.

      1. Act says:

        Kyrie makes such a show of being put off by the money that I feel like she’s especially invested in it.

      2. Cosmogone says:
        >>(he probably would get Battler to carry the gold, though)

        That’s an amazing mental image and we don’t see something like this in the future I’ll be genuinely disappointed.

        Idk about Kyrie though. Sure, she acts friendly toward Battler, but he’s still the son of Rudolf from his previous marriage (and iirc, Rudolf only married Kyrie because his wife died). I won’t be surprised if it turns out she fucking hates Battler.

          1. Cosmogone says:
            Aw, man, did you make it yourself? Thank you so much, now I can die wth no regrets.
            1. illhousen says:

              You’re welcome.

              I’ve found a screenshot generator that actually works. It can’t do custom text, however, so I had to add that myself (and I’m fairly sure that fonts don’t match, but, eh).

              It’s a somewhat annoying process, but, hey, now I can make stupid jokes on the internet and be all artsy about it. Worth it.

  7. illhousen says:

    A sneak peek at the third episode (second try):

    1. Act says:

      idk why this joke is so funny to me but it is hilarious

      1. illhousen says:

        Beatrice, of course, eventually makes good on her promise and sacrifices Battler and her schoolgirl persona on the second twilight. Battler thinks she’s trying to tell him something, but he’s incompetent.

  8. illhousen says:

    I’m on a roll today, so one more for Undertale fans:

  9. Hyatt says:
    Remember at the beginning of the route proper, when Rosa was hitting Maria then stopped and felt ashamed, and Maria said she wouldn’t blame her because she knew Rosa had been possessed by the evil witch? Here Maria is, about to die, and admitting she knows that the Rosa who spoils her and the Rosa who abuses her are the same person.
    1. Actislazyandwontlogin says:
      The thing about it that’s the most interesting/sad to me is that she’s throwing out this coping mechanism as a desperate way to try to show her mother she’s one whole person who can’t be loved in parts. Like, the only way she could get Rosa to acknowledge that she loves her entirely, not just when she’s behaving one way, was to appeal to Rosa’s own ego. “You know how you’re really just one whole person? So am I, so please love me,” is so sad not just because she has to beg for her mother’s approval, but because she knows she won’t get it unless she placates Rosa first.
      1. Hyatt says:
        Poor Maria. She’s being the mature one in the situation.
        1. Keltena says:

          That’s always been one of the most upsetting aspects of Maria’s relationship with her mother, to me. (…I say, as if there aren’t many more.) The way she’s forced to parent Rosa whenever she’s been an especially terrible mother; and, of course, how Rosa wholeheartedly encourages that dynamic by showering Maria with rare praise and gratitude whenever she does.

      2. SpoonyViking says:

        …Is typing that nick really easier than just logging in?

        1. Act says:

          Lol, it autocompletes, so yes!

          It’s actually usually that I’m not on my own computer and don’t want to log in somewhere else.

  10. Ghost says:

    What’s this then? Is it like a Let’s Play in written format like the LP Archive or is it something different? Forgive me for being ignorant, I’ve just decided to take a nosy at this

    1. Heatth says:

      This type of annalysis/commentary is often called a ‘liveblog’ (because you blog “live” as you watch/read). There are many other names for this kind of stuff in the Internet, though.

      1. Act says:

        I’ve always thought of this and Fate as Let’s Reads, since VNs are 99% text anyway.

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