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NaRe Day 5 (26)

A weird (inadvertantly?) pro-British-Empire-Monarchy fic, a lot of people writing like they’re directing an episode, so much unnecessary and shoddily included religion, yet another fic where a guy is fucking a gardevoir and neither seem concerned she has zero legal rights but this time they’re also apparently fine with that applying to their kid too, a bunch of terrible science, and something with the Dragon Clan that could’ve been interesting but just squanders everything.


NaRe Day 4 (16)

As an overall theme, people not really getting the concept of a hook, whether the issue is about failing to deliver on what’s brought up in their summary, failing to deliver on what’s brought up in their first chapter, or failing to even have anything to fail to deliver on.

Also, a smattering of uncomfortable sexual issues of the authors.


NaRe2022 Day 6 (18+1)

A lot of stuff centered around Ash and the early season, with even the one that’s about Ash starting in Kalos and the inevitable betrayal-Ash fic both involved emphasis on how many seasons of adventures he’s already had. Possibly the modern accessibility of shows means that the newest fans coming in are now watching from the start again.

Also, yet another quirky character specializing in something else entirely and who clearly had no interest in pokemon battling somehow changing their mind and becoming a great trainer.


NaRe 2022 Day 4 (12 +1)

Quite a strange collection this time, including platonic? tickling where Ash considers Kukui his father, a story that was 90% worldbuilding setup by someone who didn’t actually seem to have any interest in the world, a scientist who didn’t know how to science, and a character from our world who tells Oak exactly that.