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Persona 4: February 14th – March 20th (True Ending)

Last time, I went through the optional dungeon added in the rerelease revolving around how the rerelease-exclusive character was very special, but I didn’t care because they didn’t put any effort into making her likable.

This time, it’s Valentine’s Day! I am dreading the horrors.


Persona 4: October 31st – November 6th (Heaven)

Last time, the game managed to get even worse than the campout. It was thoroughly vile and confirmed the writers are transphobic and misogynist pieces of garbage, not that that was ever really in question.

But there’s still more game, so let’s trudge onwards. Maybe there will be plot this time.


Prayer of the Faithless

Prayer of the Faithless is an RPG Maker game I followed way back when it was just a demo on RMN, and I followed its development quite avidly because the developer was very open about their development process and said a lot of interesting things about designing complex mechanics and resource management gameplay. When it released on Steam in 2022 I meant to get it, but I was broke at the time, so it languished in my wishlist. But Farla picked it up for me for Christmas, so now I can finally play it!

I should note the game is a sequel to Soul Sunder, which I meant to review at some point but apparently never did! Oh well. It’s not necessary to understand this game’s plot, but I recommend playing it anyway because it’s good.


Persona 4: October 21st – October 30th (Culture Festival)

That evening, I get a letter from the killer demanding I don’t rescue people anymore, then I get… an anime cutscene of someone alone in a room furiously scribbling names and ranting about how he’s going to “protect” people from the world? That doesn’t track at all, the culprit clearly knows he’s killing people. Or is this another fakeout? The cutscene was voiced, but it didn’t sound like Adachi.


Persona 4: October 5th – October 20th (Fall Midterms)

On the 5th we learn about how different countries tend to center themselves in world maps, and the teacher asks where Japan is found in non-Japanese maps.

YOSUKE: I don’t even know what he’s talking about… Do you know the answer, John?

Have you never looked at a map, Yosuke?

Naoto comes back to school on the 6th.