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Dresden Files #1: Storm Front Introduction & Ch1

Before we begin, let me say that I have read this book, or more specifically, I listened to it. Don’t do that. While the audiobook is done well, it meant I was listening to a man say the lines in the book, and it did entirely too good of a job at replicating the feel of actually standing next to a man who, mid-conversation, added that by the way, all women are gold-digging whores who don’t appreciate what a nice guy he is. It’s amazing how much worse that makes it.

Supposedly, the misogyny in this series is just in the first book or two, but any time I said, “Oh good, so you mean XYZ stops?”, I just got people saying they didn’t see how that was misogynistic, so from my standpoint, the series looks to be shit all the way down. And honestly, anyone who could read the first book and find it good enough to keep going to reach those supposedly non-misogynistic ones is someone already numb to misogyny.

So – that’s what we’re doing, everyone. This is going to be unpleasant for women and a hatefest for fans. The only consolation I can give is that we’re coming up on October, when I’ll also be reviewing carapace fanfic again as well as a bunch of short horror games.



Rarely has a cover quote been so useful. If you found the basic premise of Buffy the Vampire Slayer an enjoyable one, but didn’t understand why it wasn’t about a guy like all proper media, this book is for you. (more…)

Dresden Files Storm Front Ch9 Part 2

Last time on Storm Front,

“So, Mister Dresden. What brings you to my humble house? Care for an evening of entertainment? I quite assure you that you will never have another experience like it.” She placed her hands in her lap, smiling at me.
I smiled at her, and put one hand into my pocket, onto the white handkerchief. “No, thank you. I came to talk.”
Her lips parted in a silent, ah. “I see. About what, if I might ask?”
“About Jennifer Stanton. And her murder.”
I had all of a second’s warning. Bianca’s eyes narrowed, then widened, like those of a cat about to spring. Then she was coming at me over the table, faster than a breath, her arms extended toward my throat.

Dresden Files Exploration

There is an easy way to avoid the problem of historical magic.

I said making it our world but magic the whole time is basically impossible. The closest you can get would be having people know there’s magic and it just ended up in a very similar place as our world at this point in time – Sunshine did that, and while there still ended up being a lot of secondary plotholes spawned from it, it worked pretty well overall. But this creates a tissue-paper world, because the moment you start trying to explain how you got to this point, it gets complicated or you realize that there’s just no decent handwave for why we aren’t currently chattel owned either by the fairies or vampires. Plus, if established magic, it’s hard to make your character special.

This story is built around the idea that the modern technological world is opening up contact with the magical one, and Harry is the first openly magic practitioner. That means magic needs to have started mattering recently, because societies generally don’t decide to just ignore the things murdering them. (more…)

Dresden Files Storm Front Ch11 Part 1

It took me the rest of the night and part of the morning, but I worked out how I could murder someone in the same manner that Tommy Tomm and Jennifer Stanton had been killed. After the fifth or sixth time I’d checked the figures, I stared at my calculations.

It didn’t make any sense . It was impossible .
Or maybe we were all underestimating just how dangerous this killer was.

At which point he explains nothing, just repeating that it’s a big deal, Murphy needs to know, big deal, tell Murphy, big deal.

There’s a couple things wrong with that even aside from the fact it’s not suspenseful when characters do this, it’s just irritating. (more…)