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Exalted tutorial/story + Starter pick + Next Time On

Let’s end this on a happier note!

This is the most adorable and best written tutorial to ever exist. It’s intended to (try to) introduce people to the infernal workings of Exalted’s combat system, but it’s done so well it’s worth a play for the story too.

Now, about the voting. It bugs me that I’m starting new series faster than I’m finishing old ones, so to address that, next poll will be just sequels. Your desire for me to start on yet another series in Daughter of Smoke and Bone has been noted. Let’s see about getting the existing stuff done.

Animorphs – a hella lot
Beautiful Creatures – 3 more books.
Chemical Garden – 1 more book
Eona – 1 more book
Gemma Doyle – 2 more books
Graceling sorta series – 2 more books
Matched – 1 more book
Unwind – 3 more books.

Exalted novel is also on the list because it’s definitely a thing that’ll happen.

Tomorrow (or the next) pokemon posting! In the meantime, you may make your case for which starter I should pick. Act quickly, you have until I finish transcribing the opening to that point.


1000 posts!

Well, that’s a milestone.

So, how are things at the moment? What suggestions do you have, what things would you like to change, what have you found most/least interesting, etc etc?

Also, another poll on the subject of which series people have read though.



If you are American, you are obligated to support this project. If you are not American, you should support this project because there’s probably something threatening your trees, or will in the future, and this is what will save them too! If you don’t care about plants, then do you know what’s wiping out frogs? ALSO A FUNGUS! That’s the great thing about transgenic solutions, you don’t have to start from scratch every single time.

We’re still finding new ways the American chestnut tree used to help the ecosystem. Current research says they actually created the soil type the rest of the forest relies on, their leaves fed ponds without clouding the water, and their wood lasts for basically forever. They are magic and they’ve been gone for a hundred years and now we can get them back!


I think this sums up the current iteration of Gamergate perfectly, and I hope it’s the last that needs to be said on the issue.

I’d like to end this with the reminder that backlash happens in response to change, so as horrible as this is, it doesn’t show things getting are steadily worse. It shows things are getting better and a lot of people being angry at that and trying very hard to make things worse again.

WTH Moments: “Thor – God of Thunder” for the Nintendo DS

I’m a huge fan of Thor, Marvel’s comic book series. Oh, you might think it’s just because I’m a Vikingophile, but no, actually; what got me hooked was Walt Simonson’s amazing run writing (and also drawing, at first) for the character, from Thor #337 (1977) to #382 (1986). He basically reinvented the character, and he did it not by discarding everything that had been done before him, but simply by changing the focus of the series – Thor still acted as a traditional super-hero, but now his stories dealt a lot more with Asgard and fantasy-mythical elements based off real-life Norse mythology. The character had other great writers – Tom DeFalco’s run comes to mind -, but Simonson is my favourite to this day.


Parasites and Disease

Do you know what’s lacking in horror? Parasites.

Not the kind that take people over to make them a danger to others. The transformative horror there is rather played out, and most of the time there’s little attention to even that, it’s just used as an explanation for where the humanoid monsters come from.

I’m talking about disgusting things that squirm their way into your flesh millimeter by millimeter, hurting you and disfiguring you at the same time. And that disfiguration serves only to leave you open to new infections, new things leeching your blood out. And then finally you die, twisted up and in pain, leaking contagion everywhere for the next victims.

Below the cut: horrible videos illustrating this point!


Some of you may remember Farla’s review of the game Lasting and perhaps my own comments where I described a peculiar glitch I’ve encounter.Since then, I’ve played the game many more times, returning to it every few days. It takes only a couple of minutes for me to find a glitch now that I know what I’m looking for. The game changes doors’ “locked” property sometimes, and when a previously locked door gets unlocked, sometimes nothing is created beyond that, allowing the player to escape the confines of the game.

Basically, all you need is to find a closed door and click on it until it unlocks or until you die, at which point you should start anew.

While the game itself is very atmospheric and intense if pretty simple, I find the glitch more interesting and worthy of exploring.

Not a single object can be found there.