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Misao is the first game by the same person who did Mad Father. The graphics are a lot cruder but otherwise I found it enjoyable, if hard to take quite seriously. Also, the backstory reveal involves unnecessarily nasty abuse, down to including rape, so avoid if you’re bothered by that.

It opens with a nine minute cutscene, but unlike Mad Father, the rest of the game has very little of this.


The Reconstruction Part 1 (Guest Review)

The Reconstruction is an RPG made in RPG Maker XP. When it was released in 2009, I absolutely adored it. It is still probably among my favorite games of all time, and is definitely one of the best RPG Maker games I have ever seen. It has since spawned both a prequel and a sequel, both similarly excellent in my opinion.

It’s not without its flaws, though, and I think it would be a pertinent exercise to look back and see how well the nostalgia holds up. This won’t be a single-post review, but a long series spanning the entire game, much like Farla’s reviews of the Pokemon games. Unfortunately, since I’ve already played it, I can’t do a running commentary. I can’t exactly do a retrospective nostalgia trip either, since I doubt most of the readers are familiar with the material, in which case I think spoiler-free is the best policy. As such, my own comments will probably be limited, but we’ll see how things go.

(Post-Completion Addendum: I was really bad at following through with this, and this will probably make no sense if you haven’t played the game yourself. I would advise reading my review of the prequel first if you’re skimming, as that one is more self-contained.)

Also: It is freeware, and can be downloaded here if you’d like to follow along. (more…)