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Pokemon Blue, Introduction

Pokemon Blue!

Pokemon Blue wasn’t just my first pokemon game, but my first real videogame. (Pokemon was the gateway for most forms of media to me, excepting fanfiction, which I discovered through an interest in digimon during the second season.)

Consequently, every little thing the game did left me stupefied in amazement, starting with the opening.

To properly appreciate its glory, we’ll be getting screenshots approximating the GBC version rather than the single-color thing most emulators do instead. This is not exactly what the game looks like. I managed to get my original cartridge running, and then I just fiddled with the settings until it resembled the screen. If anyone knows what the proper colors are, share. Those of you who want a relatively authentic experience without excessive fiddling should use Gambatte, which was the only emulator I found that doesn’t force its own idea of what the colors should be on the game, although I found it doesn’t look exactly the same. I’m using BGB because it’s otherwise easiest for this. If you can get your hands on the original cartridge, that’s definitely the best option in every way.