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Coromon Demo

Hey everyone! A game I’ve been following for a while just got a demo release, so check it out maybe.

Coromon is a shameless Pokemon clone, warts and all. Random encounters? Yes. Glassy characters combined with lasting damage combined with those random encounters making every dungeon a grueling slog you have to level grind your way through? Yep. IVs? For some reason they made them not just a core gameplay mechanic but a central plot point as well. Does none of that bother you? Then you’ll like this.

I’d say this can best be described as “Pokemon lite” — the type system is severely flattened to a mere 7 types, only 5 of which are true elemental types, and there is no dual-typing. Only one of them has more than one weakness, so battles are almost always solved games with one possible counter to any opponent. I found this very disappointing, but I’m willing to see how it plays out in the full game.

Also, it has a non-silent protagonist! I know that is something that’s been discussed on this blog before, so you can see how that shakes out in practice.