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  • Another big Nintendo game I’m getting to fashionably late. I’m very much of two minds about this one.

    Aesthetically, the game is an absolute delight. The premise of making the different worlds feel genuinely […]

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  • Finally got around to this, 4 years late. It’s good!

    I think my most important takeaway from this game is that it’s very different from other Zelda games. It’s good at what it is, but it scratches a different […]

    • My guess is that third-person Zeldas will trend more towards open-world from now on, while the top-down ones keep the puzzle dungeoneering. But that’s just a guess.

    • Oh, and sidebar: Fanart gave me a very overinflated sense of how important Sidon would be to the plot. I thought he would be the game’s equivalent of the King of Red Lions.

  • When last we left off Dresdening, Harry’s previous fridged girlfriend, Elaine, turned up apparently alive! And now this, like her and some dude, returns from the dead.

    Now, the nature of fandom is that people […]

    • Obligatory:

    • I do think an element of what was going wrong was that it was written as if it was following through on what was set up in the first book but the first book was not written with the idea it was setting anything up.

      You can tell by how Butcher forgot the name of the lover/victim of Bianca.

      In other words, this makes no sense for actual Elaine to say, so this is something out of the Nevernever.

      What, though? She can lie, so not fae proper. Something influenced by them, some hollow construct built to resemble her?

      Perhaps it’s demons, they seemed to be fairly invested in Harry for whatever reason last time we’ve got to chat with one. But then, Mister should have Harry well in hand, so, what, rival faction?

      Demons also make sense since Arcadia is occasionally portrayed as bordering hell, so that gives us a connection to the current plot.

      Also, Harry’s actual upbringing continues to make no particular sense. Why would wizards be sending their apprentices to get a modern education?

      TBF, in general I can see an argument in favor of general education for wizards so they wouldn’t lose touch with modern society entirely and at least would be aware of the generalities of its work.

      The bigger issue here is that Justin is a brainwashing warlock who wanted to mold his apprentices into hollow obedient puppets. In other words, exactly the kind of person to favor homeschooling.

      Yay, it’s Morgan! I hope he’s brought his sword.

      He’s polished it just for Harry.

    • It really is so like Harry to look at a dark wizard control freak with proven mind control abilities, then look at his girlfriend, and assume without further reflection that his girlfriend betrayed him willingly to the dark wizard. It’s so bad I have to laugh.

      Also goddamn, at least we know Harry isn’t fae, what with that “Chivalry is a reflex and I’ll immediately reply ‘I’ll help’ to any woman who asks” bullshit. Maybe Harry thinks he’s being sincere and has already forgotten the poor girl from last book. And Monica von Onewizardindustrialrevolution (very old, established family) from Book 1. And Kim Whatshertits from Book 2.

      Morgan’s back! We’re unfortunately past the point where he wields outsized naked steel influence in Harry’s life; that really was just Book 1 stuff. Now that his bosses have been named, he’s just a mook.

  • Trash Planet is a game by the creator of HELLBOUND. It’s a very different game, taking a hard shift into post-apocalyptic science fiction and more difficult, resource-management gameplay. Much like HELLBOUND, […]

  • N through P. I got distracted splitting my time with my Christmas games, so this is shorter than the previous posts. Some interesting RPGs in this one.

    Nano Driller
    Puzzle (?)

    A game where you play as […]

    • I plan to do A Short Hike, just as soon as I can upgrade my graphics capabilities to handle it. (Whyyy does everyone insist on using cutting-edge 3D graphics for all their indie games.) The other two sound interesting, I’ll have to try them.

  • I heard a lot of people praising this game as a unique twist on the jRPG formula with a lot of UnderTale inspiration and great female characters. Then I heard that the developers were TERFs, which just made […]

    • *she, but yes, that was Farla’s other running theory. Alas, we did not realize that the racism was only set dressing and not something we were supposed to care about.

      • Act replied 3 months ago

        Whoops, fixed.

        • Honestly, I had a lot of trouble remembering Klein’s gender, because she’s the only main character who stays nonhuman for most of the story and I’ve been primed by other media to read her patronizing, lecturing, controlling behavior as masculine.

          Klein isn’t even the only one like that. To go off on a tangent, I am still really baffled that TERFs could come up with character designs like this:

          This is a woman. Yes, really. If I knew nothing about the creators, I would have assumed that half the cast was non-binary and they were making a statement about gender presentation. Knowing that they apparently love extremely masculine cis women but hate trans women is just… the amount of doublethink it must take to walk that line.

    • Your mogs also repeatedly say mogs are an inferior race because they’re too emotional compared to humans! And refer to many of them as “vermin” and say they need to be exterminated from the area! Even though humans are actually living in mog-built towns and cities except for one single town humans decided to build just to prove they could or something.

      And there’s this great scene where you run into the helpful tanuki again transformed to look like a human in the middle of a human city and everyone starts going “HEY WHY ARE YOU TRANSFORMED THIS IS A MOG-FRIENDLY CITY YOU DON’T NEED TO BE TRANSFORMED BECAUSE IT’S SO FRIENDLY NO ONE CARES YOU’RE A MOG YOU MOG” as the tanuki begs you to shut up and you just keep shouting.

    • Wow, what a trainwreck on all levels.

      “Undertale-inspired” just means “retro-ish graphic” as far as marketing is concerned.

      Here, there is also a world populated by people humans and monsters, so it actually has more in common with Undertale than a lot of other “Undertale-inspired” games, except in the worst way possible as it just invites comparisons to a story that actually knew what it was doing.

      • Act replied 3 months ago

        Honestly “inspired by Undertale” has very quickly become a buzzphrase I’ve learned means “absolute crap,” which is probably not what the Undertale team was hoping for.

    • Act replied 3 months ago

      Honestly if I saw those quotes with no context I would have assumed that Klein was evil and the twist was going to be she was trying to turn the protag into a racist on purpose, because wow wtf

    • Also, the casual racism is honestly not surprising coming from TERFs. People are rarely if ever just one kind of bigot. It’s a package deal.

      • What’s bizarre is that they do seem to agree that racism is bad in a general sense, it’s just weird liberal both-sidesism where everyone needs to stop fighting and get along. Which I suppose is actually pretty consistent with people who are conservative in all but one aspect.

        • ‘Bigotry is bad, but we shouldn’t fight it because fighting is also bad’ is basically what qualifies as centrism these days.

          • Except you definitely should fight, because the entire game is about beating everyone  except your fellow humans, including the ones who think the only good mog is a dead mog, and the final boss fight is beating an abused wife until she agrees you’re not abusive.

            • Delightful. I’m going to continue contentedly ignoring everything that has to do with this game.

    • Addendum: I understand this is insignificant compared to everything else in this mess, but what in the world were the writers trying to do with Yorshk? I kept expecting her to be the final boss; she’s built up as this super scary villain you fight multiple times over the course of the story, but then literally on the final boss’ doorstep she just runs off and the characters just… let it happen? Do you think maybe we should do something about the person who tortured your best friend in an attempt to kill everyone and usurp the throne, Eve? No? We have to beat up the abused wife instead? Okay then.

      I think we’d need, like, a deep brain scan of the writers to understand what anything in this game was supposed to mean.

  • Some interesting stuff and not just from people I already know! Also, the fanfic contest and scoring continues.

    Ah, another of these. Scoring, then.

    Plot: 3/5

    So, the thing about the zangoose/seviper […]

    • Not enough PM action this month for a post?

      It feels the same with reviews whenever people try original stuff. It makes me think that authors should beg for reviews like some sort of Youtuber.

  • So, a while back I reviewed Digimon World Re:Digitize. The fan translation for the 3DS port, “Decode”, was recently finished. I decided to give it a whirl at the behest of the Digimon community’s insistence that […]

  • A lot of stuff that really glances in the direction of saying pokemon are friends who matter, then utterly fails to bring that across. Also where we learn that physical beauty means not looking like a thief, even […]

  • Isekai. An Alola run of the games with an adult character where that doesn’t change anything and people still say the same lines.

    Write out numbers with letters.

    I’m not sure it really accomplishes anything […]

    • Listing all the regions is so awkward, like there are somehow exactly 8 places in the world that matter in most contexts. Maybe it’s a way to acknowledge Gen 8 happened without actually writing about Galar.

  • A typical trainerfic with a typical shiny, a sort of out of focus fic revolving around comforting a character, a superhero sort of story set in the regular world with a pokemon falling in, a story featuring Kyurem […]

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  • A PMD fic that actually seems to be doing something unusual, and not just by starting the human-enters-game plot at a different point. Incompetent trainers. Questionable worldbuilding. One of those stories where […]

  • Bunch of trainerfic. One of those where trainers are starting late and there’s almost none of them because what better reaction to criminals having pokemon than to ensure everyone else remains easy pickings, one […]

  • ‘Why is everyone writing thoughts like this? Who popularized it and how can I kill them?’

    You wouldn’t capitalize animal or mouse or dragon, so you shouldn’t capitalize words like pokemon or pikachu or cha […]

  • A lot of stories that don’t really go anywhere today.

    I’m not really seeing the benefit to having the dialogue in Swedish.

    Moreover, this doesn’t seem to be an actual story so much as bits of setup that don’t […]

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