Pokemon Black, Day 14

Last time on Pokemon Black, seems I can finally get into Dragonspiral Tower!

Hm. Entering the outer area, there’s a Plasma grunt waiting for me. All they do is say Earlier, the Gym Leader went up the tower. If you are lucky, you might witness a legend! though. Why do they even care about the guy.

Somehow, there’s a bridge now. Also, some of the pillars on the way have been trashed, which is cool.


Ooh, the inside is very shiny. Green tile and sparkling blue water you can see through.

Golett appears. And I catch in in a pokeball. That was easy.


The energy that burns inside it enables it to move, but no one has yet been able to identify this energy.

…And apparently it’s ground/ghost type? What the hell Nintendo. What the hell.

I mean, yes, it’s always good to have new type combos. I still lament that volbeat wasn’t bug/electic. But they’ve got to make sense. This is a pokemon that looks like it’s made out of crystal. I could see rock, steel, ice, psychic, water…but ground/ghost? No.

Whoa what the fuck.



I’m not shrinking it like normal. Experience it as I did.

It maims my team, but also gets into a pokeball on the second try, and not even in the red. Should have used one of my premierballs.

It warms its body by absorbing sunlight with its wings. When its body temperature falls, it can now longer move.

…then why’s it inside a tower and described as the “cave pokemon”?

I go toward the stairs. Then suddenly the screen rumbles.

Is something…going wild at the top of the tower?

I backtrack to see if all the shaking changed anything, like if I can reach the water to surf on it yet or anything. But nope. Upstairs then.

Cheren: Farla!

Pictured above: Captain Obvious.

How stupid does the game think I am?

I’m going after Team Plasma!

Nooo that’s the opposite of what I want.

Game, let me be clear. I want a rival who’s stronger and better than me who precedes me everywhere, but not one that does jack shit about any actual problems, those are for me to solve.

I don’t want someone who tags along all the time and is way weaker, only to sometimes sprint ahead and steal my glory!

Also, the wild pokemon give out piddling experience points. My L33 ducklett against an equal level golett, with the lucky egg, still only manages six hundred points. And this against a pokemon it can’t oneshot even when they’re several levels lower.

Hm, there’s a big stone I bet I can move with strength. Well, what are fighting pokemon for if not this sort of thing?

…Huh. It doesn’t fall through the hole, it just goes into it. I was expecting it to do something to the lower level, but all it does is get out of the way so I can take a shorter path than the broken columns.

The next level is pretty, with another spiral staircase thing like in Celestial Tower.

Ooh, shiny stone! Do I already have one of those?

I was going to say the jumping puzzle was nice, but it was actually ridiculously easy. Maybe it’s just the first one and it’s introducing the puzzle concept, and later ones in the tower will be harder?

On the next level, there’s a mess of Plasma grunts and the two boys who ran ahead of me.

Brycen: Farla! We’ll hold them here!


What part of “I wanna do it myself!” is confusing you, Nintendo?

You go on ahead!

See, I could have beaten them up AND THEN gone ahead. Because I’m awesome, and also I have a dozen revival herbs alone.

I take a step, and then Cheren has to chime in.

Cheren: This is nothing!

My thoughts exactly. Shut up, sit down and get the hell out of the way.

But there sure are a lot of them…

Cheren let me tell you about something called Silph Co and how I beat every last one of them.

Oh, what a complete bother!

Hey fuck you! That part of the game was awesome. I always beat every single grunt and scientist in the building. The first time, when I finally stumbled across the way to Giovanni, I went back and made sure I’d cleaned out the building before going on.

Talking to the grunts, they’re all gushing over how super strong the gym leader is and how maybe he’s as strong as one of the sages, you know, the guys the game still hasn’t let me fight. Then the ones by Cheren are also impressed by him.

On to the first grunt that can still fight.

Brycen, Cheren…
They are moving around being annoying.

God, tell me about it.

And Ducklett just leveled up! Evolution time.



Swanna start to dance at dusk. The one dancing in the middle is the leader of the flock.

Well then. I guess it’s time to try out a woobat. I need to head back to heal the rest of my team anyway.

Also, let’s see if that shiny stone evolves anyone.

Yes, I knew it! Minccino. I was confused when it didn’t react to the moon stone, because it just looked so much like it was a normal type stone evolution. But the pokedex says I can also catch the evolved form shortly, so I think I’ll leave the stone unused.

Current Team:

PhotobucketKrokorok L37
PhotobucketTynamo L32
PhotobucketDeerling L33
PhotobucketLitwick L36
PhotobucketMienfoo L31
PhotobucketWoobat L31

Back to the tower now.


  1. Ember says:

    “What the hell Nintendo. What the hell.”

    It’s a golem.  They are traditionally made out of clay.

    I mourn the loss of strength puzzles.  I have such fond memories of the endless frustration caused by Seafoam Island.

    …and just when I’m getting nostalgic you mention Silph Co.  God I feel bad for the kids whose introductions to the games this is. XD

    1. Colme says:

      I’m so very disappointed with these areas. No puzzles, no mazes, nothing worth exploring. Every single route, ‘dungeon’ or anything in this game is a straight line!

      It’s no even like they traded puzzles for more rooms. There is just less of everything.

      1. Farla says:

        More than just that. The original games were just so packed and interwoven. You keep doubling back on yourself and exploring the same areas with new places unlocked. The dungeons were huge, the routes were twisted up, there was so much more to do.

        1. SophieSummer says:

           I technically started with Diamond, but I was 11 so I had no idea what to do. This was my first Pokemon game where I used strategy and knew what to do, mostly because of the tutorials along the way, and the linear-ness of the story. I can understand that those elements were annoying for people already familiar with Pokemon, but for me they were really useful. I think that it’s a great introduction for kids, because it gives them a chance to get used to the game and not have them ragequit because of Sarge’s stupid puzzle.

          1. Farla says:

            Hm. I have no idea how intuitive Diamond was, though I do remember that by that point figuring out how some pokemon evolved was near impossible, so I can see them going too far by assuming everyone already knows the game.

            But I played the first games at that age, and I managed to get through them…once I got out of the house, anyway.

            1. SophieSummer says:

               Here were my problems with Diamond:
              1. I had no idea about type match-ups beyond the basic three, and the game gave me no opportunity to learn them.
              2. There was too much running around. Even now, as I’m playing Platinum, I just cannot stand how complicated the traveling is. I’m not bad at playing games, but I have to use a guide pretty much the entire way through (I’m almost to the Elite Four) or I get lost. HeartGold, which is my favorite of the series, did running around right. I used a guide to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t figure out how to beat it on my own.
              3. There was no way for me to figure out strategy beyond basic mechanics. It was my first game, and I wasn’t good at using the internet. I never used repel because I didn’t know how, so every few feet I got jumped. Ditto for TM’s and the Dowsing Machine.

              Like I said above, HeartGold is my favorite because it held my hand for a little bit, and then let me figure everything out for myself.  White would have had everyone preaching to me about friendship when I was dressed up as Team Rocket, and Diamond would have made me run halfway across the map to find the uniform, but HeartGold made the dressing up part my absolute favorite moment in any of the games.

              Oh, and I just wanted to say I really like your read/playthroughs, even though I really like Hunger Games before discovering them. You don’t let your own personal prejudices influence your commentary too much, and you don’t misquote lines to make an incorrect point.

    2. Farla says:

      I know, but they’re not traditionally teal!

      Oh god, Seafoam Island. And then you get done with it, and it’s time for Indigo Plateau ::::D Also, after you get out of the place you realize you could have surfed to Cinnabar from Pallet…

  2. purplekitte says:

    I’m reminded of your story “Waiting”. It may not make sense for them to act that way, but no one kill-steals my boss fights and gets away with it. Back in the day, repels were for wimps, even if you tripped over a geodude every four steps. So was flash.

    1. Farla says:

      I know! I demand a sociopathic, gives-no-fucks rival who totally could take on the enemy team but doesn’t, and then jumps you after you’ve gotten beaten up trying to actually save people. That’s how games should go!

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