Pokemon Black, Day 5

Yesterday, I explored the Desert Resort.

Today, I remembered that hey, fossil! Gonna revive that before I go find Team Plasma.

On my way back through the forest, I see the old man blocking me from the lovely dark grass is gone.

Oh god dammit. There’s swadloon and whirlipede here. And tranquill.

And roggenrola is evolving! Into, uh, rock parasect.



When it overflows with power, the orange crystal on its body glow. It looks for underground water in caves.

From the dex, there’s a third slot, so it looks like it evolves again. Hopefully that’s by leveling and not trading, since that’s what I’m doing. Should I look stuff like this up?

And there’s a bunch of four rocks in a line and what looks like a dark opening to a new area beyond them? But I can’t get through yet.

On to fossil-reviving, then!

Archen. The missing link pokemon – oh my god it actually says that, sort of. It’s the “first bird pokemon”.


Said to be an ancestor of bird Pokemon, they were unable to fly and moved about by hopping from one branch to another.

Game, please, pokemon “evolution” is bad enough without you bringing real evolution up.

And from the dex, there’s an empty slot next to it but that’d presumably be for the other fossil I didn’t pick. Unless that’s above it – the other fossil did come first when I was asked. So maybe it does evolve. I guess I’ll find out when I run into a trainer with the other one. Or when my tranquill evolves again.

Oh hey. And now back in Plasma-plot’s city, there’s N!


He apparently isn’t infiltrated with them? He knows I’m here to fight them though and says to come with him.

To a Ferris wheel oh this is what everyone was talking about isn’t it? He says they’re not RIGHT BY THE FERRIS WHEEL therefore we need to get on it to look for them.

Actually though this is a pretty good idea, you really can see everything from up there.

I love Ferris wheels. The circular motion… The mechanics… They’re like collections of elegant formulas.

No need to make this weird, N.

Okay no wait he’s king of Plasma. Ghetsis told him to help save pokemon. Can’t type fast enough to record dialogue.

Huh. That was…not really bad or anything. Why was everyone making a big deal about it.

And then the Team Plasma guys are right there and confirming his story by calling him “My lord N!” Unless that’s just an expression of shock. I mean, I do say “My god (Name)” a lot, and it just means the cat surprised me or something, not that she’s my god.

But the other one calls him sire so yeah, story checks out. Apparently they were worried about him?

And now he’s going to battle to let them escape because they’re people he hired to help with the pokemon.

…Now then, Farla, do you follow my logic?

Which logic? Do you mean your general ideology, which frankly is extremely confusing, or the “battle to cover retreat” because that seems pretty clear. Or do you mean the bit about them being under your protection? I guess technically I don’t know your underlying logic for that one but the basic idea seems easy enough.

Gonna say no anyway.

And he’s all “that’s unfortunate I thought you understood…”


See! He totally uses pokeballs!

L22 sandile
L22 darunaka
And now he’s telling me my pokemon look happy.
L22 sigilyph
And now the pokemon I had out is fainted because that’s my battling style. My pokemon are masochists.
L22 scraggy.
Now he’s saying “Even if I lose, is it different than the future I saw”? Uh…yes?
I won. Now he’s saying the result is the same.

And he’s saying I’m strong. Yes! Validate me, not stupid artist gym leader!

But I have a future I must change. And for that future…

Suddenly, scene change/N-closeup.


I’ll defeat the Champion and become unbeatable, unlike any other! I’ll make all Trainers free their Pokemon! Just try and stop me!

That seems like a nice, clear thing to oppose. Thanks for saving the plot, N! I will totally kick your ass. No one gets to be unbeatable but me.

If you want to be together with Pokemon, your only hope is to collect the Badges from each area and head for the Pokemon League! Try and stop me there, if you dare!

Uh, N, you realize winning the League doesn’t mean you auto-win every subsequent battle, right? And if you’re going to use your unbeatableness to force trainers to free their pokemon, you would need to come to me (and everyone else) to do that.

I mean, unless your plan has something to do with getting access to some new thing from the League, but if it’s a red tape issue, surely we can just tell the officials your plan and to not give you permission? You could force your way through, I presume, but you could do that without being champion anyway.

Back to overland mode.

If your conviction is not strong enough, you will never be able to beat me.

Oh, I have that in spades.

Anyway this was underwhelming. Was N’s involvement in Plasma supposed to be a shock? Because he was crowned with Ghetsis hanging out in the opening. And the battle wasn’t particularly hard or anything, and the scene itself pretty short. The only thing I’m curious about is the tangential issue of N seeming to take the loyalty of the Plasma grunts very seriously, while I’ve gotten the impression the grunts are just in it for the money and/or pokemon, and of course Ghetsis is doing his own thing and they seem to be following Ghetsis’ orders and not N’s.

I suppose it’s a decent scene, it’s just that for one of the few things I did hear about I’d expect it to be more of a big deal.

Oh, there’s the gym right next to it. In I go. And it’s a rollercoaster? Maybe this will have a good puzzle.

Arg, the first random trainer has stronger pokemon than N. Also, what is with Nintendo and electric mice?

Swadloon is evolving!



Upon finding a small Pokemon, it weaves clothing for it from leaves, using the cutters on its arms and sticky silk.

At L27, it’s my highest level pokemon right now, and the reason it’s been leveling so much is it’s also one of my stronger ones to start with.

But I’m still kicking it off. Anyway, Maka will have an advantage here.

Oh, someone just hopped off one of the cars I meant to get on. Clever enough

…okay, that wasn’t even a puzzle. Why even shift the paths of the cars, all it ever did was shift it from “not at my area” to “at my area”.

Current Team:

PhotobucketSandile L23
PhotobucketWhirlipede L24
PhotobucketTranquill L26
PhotobucketHerdier L26
PhotobucketBoldore L25
PhotobucketPignite L25


Her team

L25 emolga
L25 emolga
L27 zebstrike, which incidentally looks lovely.

And she kicks my ass. About time. The volt switch attack is very interesting, it seems to do a lot of damage and keeps switching them out after I’ve hit them with some status-lowering move.

I’m going to try again without leveling, though.

And victory! Knowing what I was going in for help. So did teaching Maka rock tomb. So now I’m halfway done with the badges. I seem to be speeding through this game.

Winning, the gym leader seems impressed to the point of being rather… flustered. I now can control pokemon up to L50!…haven’t even hit thirty yet, though. I kind of like it when you sometimes get to the point you’re about to outgrow the last badge before you get the next. Also, she says that the way to Route 5 isn’t open, but she’ll help me out with that.

Hm, I’m the only certified trainer, I guess I beat Cheren here.

Honestly this has always been rather weird if you think about it for more than a second, because you run into people all the time who must have at least a couple badges, and then you reach the League area that’s packed with trainers who clearly have all eight. Yet only you and sometimes your rival are on the pillars.

Anyway, exploring the town itself now. Ooh, some thing called the Battle Institute. But apparently I can’t do anything until I’ve got pokemon at L50. Damn. There’s also the Battle Subway…and a bepigtailed blue hair has just come out to say she won and then lost. And she gave me the VS recorder. And then she ran off to the Battle Institute. So back there, and all she does is tell me to battle properly.

Back to the Battle Subway. It’s battles where you travel between subway cars where you have to pick three pokemon and they’re autoleveled to L50, and you get BP for this but, naturally, no experience points. Or money.

Anyway it’s tedious and I lose on the seventh battle. Trying out the double battles, I get to the end and apparently the idea is a string of ever harder sets of battles. Presumably you get more BP for winning each stage. There’s also a version of each that’s a super version and isn’t unlocked yet – perhaps that’s for L100 battles? There’s also a multi battle option that’s for people to play with a friend.

I don’t really get the whole subway gimmick.

There’s also one that actually goes somewhere, to a small place that’s just about holding the cars. Further confusing me about the gimmick they claim that they’re developing the technology that makes this stuff possible and that the one is a super advanced version? It’s just a bunch of subway cars you walk though.

I get a sun stone. Let’s see if there’s anyone this evolves…

Lillil to lilligant.


Even veteran trainers face a challenge in getting its beautiful flower to bloom. This Pokemon is popular with celebrities.

But the flower’s clearly in bloom already on the default sprite…

Time for sleep now.


  1. Fool says:

    N being Team Plasma’s leader actually was supposed to be a big surprise. Yes, seriously. I have no clue what the writers were thinking. Maybe there was a different team that did the opening scene and they just never co-ordinated?

    Also, boldore does require trading to evolve. It’s the geodude clone.

    I have to admit I really like N’s design. The green hair is a bit much, but his outfit is refreshingly ordinary-looking. His trainer animation is also pretty interesting — I like how he looks so peaceful and non-hostile.

    1. Farla says:

      That’s disappointing. I mean, it was clear there’d be some connection since they’re both talking about pokemon treatment, really the only question was if he was with them already or going to join. So as soon as they mention they already have a king, it’s pretty obvious the whole crowning thing must have already happened.

      Yep, I know that now.

      N’s design…hm, I suppose it’s nice in how unassuming it is.

    2. Sshadowvp says:

      Wait, the intro sequence if you don’t press start immediatly upon opening the game shows the sages crowning N. I don’t really think it was supposed to be a suprise,

  2. purplekitte says:

    It is Japan, where riding on a Ferris wheel together is a huge romantic cliche. Also, all the N closeup cut-scenes always looked to me like he was about to kiss my character, or like we’d suddenly switched into dating-sim screen formats. Then the background music would switch to a soft romantic number… I found it interesting: there’s always been shipping of anyone and everyone but this game really ramps up the explicit flirting. And I too have no idea how anyone could possibly have not figured out N and Team Plasma were related before then.

    The subway thing’s plot-useless. There are just a couple items and TMs that can only be gotten with BPs. And no, I think you get the same number for the harder cars as the easier ones, which really pissed me off.

    1. purplekitte says:

      I suppose one of your commenters will mention it if you’re trying to raise a pokemon that you can’t evolve that way, like Boldore. Gen V is actually pretty good–level, stones, trade, love, not a lot of funny business. Of the ones you have, Munna, Cottonee, and Simipour stone evolve, Timburr is a Machop clone, and there’s maybe four others that you don’t have yet that stone evolve and two others that trade evolve.

      1. Fool says:

        I thought simipour was the end of the line?

    2. Farla says:

      Hm, I guess I can see that.. And in retrospect, he did just trick you onto the ride for the sake of it, since he didn’t want you to find the grunts.

  3. Morieris says:

    I honestly hate things like the Battle Subway and Frontier in previous iterations – zero experience or money is wasting my time.

    It’s startling how much Leavanny reminds me of Lopunny.

    1. Ember says:

      IMO they’re just there to give you something to do in the endgame when you’ve beaten all of really strong trainers several times over.  In all of my time playing Pokémon, the only Frontier Head or equivalent character I’ve managed to beat was the guy at Battle Factory, so even then not using Pokémon I raised myself.  It really is quite challenging!

      1. Farla says:

        I found the Frontier thing annoying because it would take forever to get to the Frontier Head and losing mean you had to do it all over again, every time.

        I really liked the Stadium games, because they seemed to have a clear theme or idea for the different battles. But while the subway looks challenging, it just seems like an endless grind to me.

  4. Fool says:

    Also, I’m a little surprised you haven’t commented on the music at all. In my experience, I found the music to be quite good, and it’s a pity you can’t show it through text. Perhaps post youtube links to tracks you find notable when they come up?

    1. Farla says:

      Half the time I’m playing with the music off, and I just don’t notice it that much anyway. All that’s stood out so far is the cool music Ghetsis has.

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