Pokemon Black, Day 9

Back to exploring the lovely world of Pokemon Black! My game suddenly cycled to Autumn, so I’m going to go do the deerling thing.

Huh. Apparently, I can’t just show the one I already have


the form is set so I need a new one.


Showing that to the researcher again makes him say he wants to catch his own. The new deerling sprite frolicking in the lab is cute, but I’ve got to wonder why he doesn’t just catch them without getting me involved? The whole setup is weird. I don’t see why the game doesn’t just have me catching and giving them to him. It’d make more sense, and it’d mean the deerling wouldn’t clutter up my box unless I chose to catch one of each for myself.

On to Route 7!

…where the first pokemon I find is another deerling. Then a foongus.

Ooh, then a zebstrika.


They have lightning-like movements. When Zebstrika run at full speed, the sound of thunder reverberates.

And now Pignite’s evolving!

Huh. Emboar. It doesn’t look as bad as pignite, but it looks more like a Final Fantasy monster.


It can throw a fire punch by setting its fists on fire with its fiery chin. It cares deeply about its friends.

I’ll try out that darumaka then.

There’s this raised narrow path thing that’s sort of like the old narrow paths you could only travel with that one type of bike.


This one makes more sense – you can just walk on it, but hold still and you tumble off.

There’s a house with a guy offering to trade for a boldore. I’ll go back and catch one later.

I run into someone who does rotation battles. I get my pokemon’s asses kicked and almost lose – would have, if I didn’t cheat and pull out a revival herb.

My tranquill’s doing poorly. It’s slower than a lot of the pokemon.

My team is pretty battered by the time I reach the tower. I decide to explore the rest of the route first, guessing there’s probably a place to heal. And I’m right, the next building is a healing one.

Continuing on, my phone rings and Mom tells me to care about my pokemon. Whatever, Mom.

Ooh, dark grass!

Also, there’s some clown guy running on the narrow path above. Wonder if he’s a trainer.

He is. I didn’t get knocked off by challenging him, though, which is oddly kind of a disappointment. It just seemed like an interesting potential mechanic.

Hey, I can use the walkways to stalk rustling grass! An emolga pops out. Apparently I haven’t caught one yet. I stuff it into a pokeball without too much trouble.


The energy made in its cheeks’ electric pouches is stored inside its membrane and released while it is gliding.

So, pikachu with wings.

…and I think I just found tranquill’s evolution.

Unfezant. Only L29, oddly, when my tranquill’s L30. Unfortunately, it keeps using roost while I try to catch it until an unlucky critical knocks it out.


Apparently it’s got gendered forms?

The darumaka seems like a pretty good fighter. Since its physical attack is several times that of its special, it seems like a worthy replacement to my starter. I wonder if there’s any similar fill-ins for the other two?

I get to Twist Mountain, but I can’t continue without the badge.

You are Farla, aren’t you? Are you surprised that I know? Clay told me. Uh-oh! To go inside Twist Mountain, you need to have a Gym Badge from the Mistralton Gym! The wild Pokemon here are tougher, and we want to be sure you’re ready!

Clay…I’ll get you yet.

This actually does annoy me. I don’t mind direct skill roadblocks, but actually having someone stand there and patronizingly say he doesn’t think I’m ready yet is somehow very different.

It brings to mind the guy blocking the Cerulean Cave. That was cool because it was the exception instead of the rule. You meet him relatively early on if you go exploring (and who didn’t?) and he says the place is blocked for everybody, not just you. Standing there and telling people they can’t go inside is his whole job. And when you finally get there, the pokemon inside actually are insanely strong. There’s a real payoff to the claim.

Here, it doesn’t make sense this guy would be standing there just because I’m on my way, and I really doubt I’ll find a huge level difference inside. All it’s doing is bringing up one of the more awkward parts of the game, the way pokemon grow progressively stronger throughout the game. I prefer that kind of thing to steer clear of the actual storyline – Cerulean Cave is okay because, again, it was an exception and they were anomalously strong.

Anyway. I’m going to kick the tranquill off my team. It’s been sucking and now I can reasonably assume I’ll be able to catch its evolved form shortly.

I only have two flying types that evolve in my box right now, archen and ducklett. I’ve already got a water type, so I’ll go with my lovely fossil.

On to Celestial Tower.


This is Celestial Tower, where Pokemon are laid to rest…

Sort of like my archen! Well, I guess not, since the idea with archen is it’s cloned from DNA…but it pops out at L25 already knowing moves, which does seem more like it’s bringing back a particular pokemon with the mind and all, doesn’t it?

Anyway, it’s looking like the “sick” pokemon might actually be an upset spirit. The lady downstairs mentions ringing the bell at the top makes the spirits happy.

The staircase is another bit showing off the 3D. It looks lovely. The bottom of the tower is somewhat boring, but the staircase has this nice mottled stone texture that brings to mind lace.

And on to the battling floors!

…the tombstones look really weird.

…and the pokemon look weirder.

Litwick. It narrowly misses out being the dumbest looking pokemon because of icecreamcone earlier. Cool type though.

Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokemon, which becomes the fuel it burns.

And that’s legitimately creepy. Huh, guess it’s decent.


Hm. The first trainer and it’s a psychic. That seems like a really unwise thing to be in a ghost area. I know there’s precedent all the way back to the first game, with the channelers found in the tower also showing up in Sabrina’s gym and all, but all the channelers in the tower were possessed by ghost pokemon and using only them.

The next girl meows at me. She doesn’t have any cat pokemon, though, and she’s just an ordinary lass trainer, no kitty ears. Maybe a cat ghost possessed her.

Ooh, will-o-wisp TM.

…I wonder if I’m stealing offerings left for the dead pokemon?

My palpitoad evolves into hideousmon I mean seismitoad. Tympole what happened, you started off so cute…


They shoot paralyzing liquid from their head bumps. They use vibration to hurt their opponents.

It did just learn acid…would it not have if I hadn’t let it evolve?

Well, I guess being concerned about two water types on the team was silly.

…Wow, seismitoad’s back sprite is enormous.

Have to heal the rest of my team, though. And dump it off.

Hm, checking the dex it looks like deerling evolve, although it’s not clear because that section’s patchy. And I guess deerling wouldn’t be much use in there anyway, it seems all the wild pokemon are litwick. Ducklett it is. It’s my only other water type. (I still haven’t found anyone handing out rods. Did I miss it?)

Well, that’s probably for the best, now I have a pokemon that can use fly, which is really the only reason I try to keep a flying type around usually.

…now a trainer’s saying it’s hard to understand the end of the world. Huh, maybe the psychics are getting possessed a bit.

And there’s the healing nurse, lest this tower be hard. This seems a good point to stop.

Current Team:

PhotobucketKrokorok L35
PhotobucketDwebble L32
PhotobucketArchen L29
PhotobucketJoltik L32
PhotobucketDarumaka L33
PhotobucketDucklett L26


  1. Dragonfree says:

    Deerling does change forms, actually, so you don’t need to catch a new one – it just doesn’t do it until you’ve sent it out into a battle in the new season, or put it on the PC and withdrawn it in the new season, or something in that direction. I bumped into that too after the first season change.

    1. Farla says:

      Huh. I did both and neither changed its season. Maybe I have to run around with it longer.

  2. Fool says:

    Don’t worry about the rod, you haven’t missed it. I will say no more on the subject since I know you’re touchy about spoilers.

  3. Fool says:

    Litwick is interesting, isn’t it? Unfortunately I never really used one since Ghost pokemon suck. You might like to try it out sometime down the line, I’ve heard it’s one of those low-HP, high Sp. Attack types.

    1. Farla says:

       I’m tempted. If my darumaka evolves soon I’ll try it out.

      1. Dragonfree says:

        Litwick’s final evolution is actually pretty awesome. It has one of the highest non-legendary Special Attacks ever and generally tends to be extremely useful. Especially against the Elite Four.

    2. Actonthat says:

      I LOVED litwick and it’s second form, but was “meh” about the chandelier and didn’t want to deal with evolving it, so I never used it. I think if I played through again I’d pick it up.

  4. purplekitte says:

    Seismitoad always reminded me fondly of Bilious Slick.

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