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The Secret Names of Streets

The room was shrouded in darkness. The only source of illumination was a lone bare light bulb hanging over the table where we set. Its light did more to conceal than to reveal, promising clarity only to deliver unnerving shadows.

“All set,” said the doctor with sunken eyes and melodic voice, putting away the syringe. “You will feel the effects shortly. Now, we already went through the process, but sometimes patients suffer a relapse under the influence of the drug, so I will leave these papers with you.” She indicated a few pamphlets lying on the table. “Just consult them if you’re unsure of what you’re supposed to do. We find it helpful to pick one patient to be your guide in this matter.”

She stepped deeper into the darkness, so only her voice could be heard.

“I’ll be leaving now. It’s… undesirable for unrelated people to be present at this stage. Don’t worry, though. No matter what happens, no matter what thoughts and memories you find in your mind, nothing can hurt you in this room. Not anymore.”

A sound of a door opening and closing could be heard, though we could not see it.

“Right,” I said reaching for the pamphlet. “So I guess we’re doing it. Let’s see…”


Check of Interest

So, a while back I’ve reviewed TRPG A Penny for My Thoughts. Would anyone be interested in a game hosted here? Penny is actually well-suited for blog format, unlike many other TRPGs, since it’s mostly a structured storytelling rather than a traditional game. The uninterrupted flow is not really important, so you can take your time with replies without causing boredom or severe impatience, and the rules are simple enough that even people completely unfamiliar with TRPGs would be able to grasp them easily (and, of course, I’m going to walk the players through the rules step by step).

We need 3-5 people in total.

For the setting I plan to use the City, though it’s open to suggestions. Due to the nature of the game, pretty much any setting that allows for the existence of the memory research institute is viable and won’t require lengthy adaptation, though naturally it must be something all players are familiar with and want to play.

The City (A Setting for A Penny for My Thoughts)

(A bit of self-indulgence here. Simple homebrew setting for a game I reviewed here.)While Mnemosyne helps to break down the barriers between your mind and the minds of your fellow patients, it also weakens the barriers between the compartments of your mind. Memories, dreams, books, graffiti – all of these can mix together. To help you distinguish fact from fiction, we have prepared this guide to the world you live in. You may treat the following statements about the world as true: