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Amnesia and Outlast

Both Amnesia and Outlast are similar in mechanics – you are weaponless and find yourself chased by terrifying enemies, your only defense speed or hiding. In story, they are amazingly different. They also share the trait that I have played neither of them, instead watching Let’s Plays, because these are not really “games” in the traditional sense of “a thing you play for enjoyment”. I’m not sure anyone has truly enjoyed these games. They are well-named: Outlast is about enduring the chases and jumps and gore, and Amnesia is about wanting desperately to not know what’s going on, what went on, and what your part in all this was.

Outlast had some interesting elements and a good helping of crazy people aren’t people. Amnesia was a masterpiece, and I’d strongly adviseĀ watching it. If you hate yourself, you could also try playing it.

This will be full of spoilers, so seriously, check out Amnesia. (more…)