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Battle Royale Ch77

Shogo Kawada (Male Student No. 5) reclined against the soft sofa on the ship. He was swaying slightly from the rough waves.
The room was fairly spacious for a small patrol ship. The ceiling itself was low, but the room must have been a couple square meters. There was a low table in the middle, and two sofas on each side, with Shogo sitting on the one away from the door.



Battle Royale Ch74

4 students remaining

Tension has been kind of lacking due to the number of characters, but it’s really ramped up now. It’s almost over, it’s the main characters against the so far unstoppable antagonist, no real hint as to what either side’s plans are, and with three of them, there’s space for some death.


Battle Royale 63-65

When he heard the shattering sound, Shuya just thought, oh, one of those clumsy girls must have dropped a dish, but when the sound was followed by an argument, he got up from his bed.

Huh. Shuya is surprisingly on the ball. I wasn’t expecting him to do anything until he heard the gun go off.

Battle Royale Ch55-57

Time for a Mitsuko chapter.

Some chatting. The sound of someone moving. She’d even settle for the faint sound of someone desperately trying to hold his or her breath.

But not out of loneliness or anything. She just wants to get back on the killing wagon. She’s now lost both Yoshimi’s gun and Megumi’s knife, and she really misses the gun.


Battle Royale Ch49-50

It’s nearly midnight and the main group is looking around for their next hideout.

“Can we stop at a house, like we did just now?”
“A house, huh.” Shogo looked away from Shuya and squinted. “It’s really not a good idea. As the number of zones decrease so do the number of houses. The moment someone needs something, they’ll want to enter a house. Whether it’s to eat or whatever.”