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Beautiful Creatures Conclusion


I don’t think I can really unpack the issue of how to deal with the whole Civil War backdrop and not be horrible. I’m sure it’s possible, but I mean – we’ve got bloodlines of functionally separate people whose blood can’t mingle with the commoners and who are superior in every way, and a born-evil branch to boot. You want that shit as far as away from any real-life race issues as possible.

Given the whole book was pointless because the real conflict was introduced in Ch32 and resolved in Ch33, let’s just go through what was introduced.

Beautiful Creatures Ch34 Silver Lining


I looked at my cell. It was broken.
The time still read 11:59.
But I knew it was well after midnight, because the fireworks finale had started

then what the fuck is the point

what is the point of anything really but this particularly just what the fuck is the point

besides why would a broken cellphone be stuck on a time and not just a blank screen?

this fucking book

what the fuck is the point


Beautiful Creatures Ch30 Sweet Sixteen


Another mega chapter. Why has pacing abandoned me so?

Alright, it’s finally Lena’s birthday.

The end was here.
not with a bang but a whimper not with a bang but a whimper not with a bang but a whimper
Lena was losing it, and it was barely daylight.

I’ll say! Her going dark should definitely count as a bang.