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Depression Quest

Depression Quest is a short but wordy browser game. I’d strongly recommend it, with the caveat that it should be avoided if reading about someone trapped in a depressive spiral sounds like it’d just get you depressed.

The degree to which it’s a “game” is pretty limited, but it works as a narrative you get invested in. At each page, you read another bit of the story, followed by picking several choices. Eventually, you reach the end. Depending on how depressed the character is, some or even most of the choices will be unavailable. This limits your impact on what happens, but I thought it was a really striking illustration – after picking several bad options to find out what would happen, I ended up trapped for a while with no options but to plod along miserably to the next section and hope eventually things would get better. I felt the writing did a wonderful job of conveying how the character felt – this isn’t a dramatic story, but an ordinary one of an ordinary person surrounded by other ordinary people who don’t understand what’s happening or know the right solution. And I liked how it struck a balance of not having easy solutions while still showing that there was hope.