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The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle / It ain’t all fun and games

Hello again, everyone! Now that I’m close to finishing my Master’s, I’ll try to go back to posting semi-regularly. To (re)start things off, I’m going to cover something which I promised Farla quite some time ago: the “Dresden Files” comics. I won’t be looking at them as adaptations of a preexisting work, however, but rather, as original works themselves – as if they were an entirely separate franchise. I believe that will allow me to evaluate them in a fairer manner than if I analysed them as part of a book series which I already dislike. That also means I don’t have any plans of covering the comics that are straight adaptations of the novels.

So, without further ado, let me start with Welcome to the Jungle, the first “Dresden” comic book – one that is chronologically set before the first novel, Storm Front, although it was released in 2008 (which means the book series was already up to Small Favor at that point).

Oh, before I forget: there will be spoilers. (more…)