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Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos, or, How to Make Me Stop Playing Your Game

Step 1: Have an interesting premise but instead of plot, have the first hour-plus of gameplay be boring as all hell and feature a whiny, obnoxious protagonist

Step 2: Be mind-numbingly boring.

Step 3: Have the male protagonist launch into what sounds weirdly like a defense of the US using the atom bomb on Japan and then have him call the female protag a bleeding heart for saying that’s morally abhorrent. Do not present his view with any kind of textual criticism.

Step 4: Be so boring I’m driven to look up reviews to see if anyone else was bored to tears. Review lookup leads to to tons of fanwank.

Step 5: Include highly sexualized images of the 14-year-old main character in the game’s CGs.

Step 6: Caption the image “I love little girls.

NGL “suddenly: child porn!” is not what I imagined I was signing up for when I downloaded this game.

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