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Fault in Our Stars, Chapter 19

“Breast cancer is a made of suck disease that attacks one of my very favorite organs of ladies.” – John Green

This man is a disgusting misogynist and I despise him. More on how women are just boob holders and dying people are undignified losers in this exciting rendition of FiOS: Chapter 19!Also, I know I’m behind in replying to comments. I’ve been super tired, but as soon as I’m up to it I’ll get it done. I haven’t forgotten about you.


Fault in Our Stars, Chapter 17

So I’ve started watching Utena! I hate the art style, but I like everything else about it. It’s a bit heavy-handed, but hot damn it’s an allegory I can get behind.

Anyway, this.

This chapter is a third of a page in Word, barely one-and-a-half in-book pages, and less than 500 words. It’s mostly dialogue. I feel like I’m watching this book wither and die slowly in front of me. Is this supposed to be meta?


Fault in Our Stars, Chapter 13

This has been sitting in the storage blog for two weeks, but every time I look at it my system goes into some kind of desperate self-preservation mode and all I can think is, “CAN’T DO THIS NOW OR EVER CLOSE WINDOW NOW NOW NOW.”

So Gus doesn’t get Really Sick on the first page of the next chapter; he kindly waits for the third. Bwahaha. I know I keep using this word, but it’s just so appropriate: Green is such a hack!

Anyway, Lifetime Movie incoming. This post is gif and image heavy, FYI. (more…)

Fault in Our Stars, Chapter 12 [Part 2]

I keep forgetting to post these, but here are two wonderful deconstructions of Green’s public persona that make me feel even less guilty about despising him based on this book:

John Green Responds to The Daily Mail
On The Advent of “GreenLit” (Warning: Terrifying Comments Section)

Alright, time for that hot, steamy Holocaust.

edit: Just got the following comment/links from Whittler:

I decided to post about privilege and not John Green condoning sexual assault then.

What the fuck.


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