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They have arrived!

I posted a while ago about a Kickstarter for Hatoful Boyfriend goodies, and I was surprised on Friday with my backer rewards! I got more stuff than I remembered, including pins, a lanyard, and, of course, the plushes themselves:


THEY ARE SO CUTE. They are also really well-made. And each one comes with a rubber strap!

I’m actually trying to offload¬†Shuu since I only wanted Okosan and Ryouta but they came in three-packs. If you’d like to buy him, let me know!

THIS WAS A GOOD DECISION Regretting not getting Sakuya bigtime.


Whelp, downloading games in Japanese finally caught up with me and I had to soft reset my laptop because of a virus. While I get that sorted out, enjoy some wonderful news:

You, too, can own stuffed representations of the boys from Hatoful Boyfriend! Each bird also comes with a corresponding keychain. Check out the kickstarter here. They’ve already reached four times their goal, unsurprisingly, but this may be your only chance to order a three-pack of pigeons on the cheap.

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