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Higurashi: Festival-Accompanying Arc [Conclusion]

I realized I never mentioned it, so: my Third Annual Small Feminist New Year’s Resolution is to stop assuming the gender of people online. It’s crazy just these past few week I’ve noticed myself defaulting to male for no reason. 2015’s “stop using sex-based slurs” and 2016’s “stop calling adult women girls” were really great ways to break both habits, so I have faith I’ll get better at this as well.


So: I cheated. After like 37 years of Higurashi I just wanted to know what happened and got tired of taking notes so from the point I left off at last time I went through to the end on my own. Inside are some final thoughts about the finale and the VN as a whole.

Which leaves me with a question: Would you rather I go through Umineko first and then do the LP, or risk a live play?


Higurashi: Massacre Arc [Part 1]

First of all, if you’ve been reading along but haven’t played the game, go do it before reading this arc. This is the point of no return. Much of this game is the mystery, and this route lays all the cards on the table, so enter at your own risk.

Anyway! Time for the next arc. Who the hell knows where this will start… or where it will go. Can’t be zanier than death alien parasites and also reincarnation and demons! OR CAN IT

Also, the gutsyness of this being called the “Massacre Arc” when every other arc has ended in the death of the entire cast is amazing. What could this arc possibly do to be more of a massacre than everything before it?

Higurashi: Atonement Arc [Part 1]

This arc is long as hell.

Anyway, what I did was take notes as I played, then go back and clean them up. This is how I’ll do the rest of the arcs, as I think it worked pretty well. I won’t post any of these until I’m totally done with the arc in question, so you can spoil away for Atonement, but if anyone else fucks me up for the endgame I will never post one of these again and you will lose Umineko privileges for good, I s2g.


Higurashi: Eye-Opening Arc Part 1

So it’s no secret I’ve been really unhappy with how these reviews are going. As an attempt to make things more interesting as well as better and also with Umineko possibly on the horizon, I thought I’d change thing up for the answer arcs and approach them in a different way to see what works, if anything.

So instead of a retrospective, for this arc I’ve decided to do a liveblog. This doesn’t solve the problem of reading each arc so far apart– that ship has sailed– but hopefully it will help better encapsulate my experience with the story.


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