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Legend of Korra, Season 2 Episode 8

Well, I really need to get on the carapace reviews, but I wanted this done with more.

So, last time, I went over how Wan had failed to be the inherently good fairy tale hero who won for his kindness and consideration, but neither had he made mistakes and learned from them. There are all these moments that would work in either type of story, but nothing comes of them. Let’s see if he actually shows character development this episode.


Legend of Korra, Season 2 Episode 4

Tensions between the northern and southern water tribes have reached a breaking point. After Chief Unaloq’s troops took over the south, Varrick incited an uprising, but Korra stopped the rebels from abducting her uncle. Enraged by the insurrection, Unaloq arrested the rebels and Korra’s parents, accusing them of conspiring to assassinate him.

Wow let’s break that down. (more…)

Legend of Korra, Season 2 Episode 3

“Uncle, why did you bring your troops down from the north,” Korra says, because the show’s decided she’s a fucking moron. This is not going to be a good episode, is it?

Is the show seriously going to have Obviously Evil Guy be the villain for the whole season? Is it going to just be Korra being stupid and then the final episode is Korra saying oh wait you were evil all along and then punching him with some element? Maybe she can punch him with spirits since she’s already punched all the things with all the other things. (more…)

Legend of Korra, Season 2 Episode 1-2

So, Legend of Korra. Started off so pretty and so promising and with such great characters. Stayed pretty, lost the rest. God, remember Amon being so cool and badass and saying all that spiritual stuff then lolnope just some lying waterbender asshole.

I’ve got – well, not exactly high hopes for the second season, but I’m hoping that it’ll improve back to deceptive goodness. I may have seen the trainwreck coming last time but I admit, I did enjoy much of the ride. Maybe we can manage that same standard this time!

So let’s watch!