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Magnus, Robot Fighter #5

Hey, remember this? I bet you hoped it was over. But no! We will be over after this, but I saw the horror and you have to too.

When last we left off, Magnus: ROBOT FIGHTER had descended into the sewers with his jive-talking sidekick now literally just a talking head he carries around for the fawning commentary. There, he met his wife.

It is time to see a whole new terrible side of him. (more…)

Magnus, Robot Fighter #0

So I tried taking the gameboy with me and instead of getting anything done I just forgot it, so that’ll have to be delayed further. Magnus today. Remember all those good times we had, not hearing about this comic? They end now.

When last we left off, Whitey picked up another ethnic sidekick, this time one willing to die for him. He backhands the evil progressive woman and runs off with the proper lady who understands his dick means he should totally be in charge. It’s about to get still worse!

Luckily we don’t need to deal with that today, because in fine comics tradition, it’s time for a #0 issue. If you aren’t familiar with the general disregard comics has for people trying to read a series, you might think I should have started with this one, but the zero just means it’s set in the past. According to the note, this is set between #2 and #3, but the internet tells me it came out after #3 and also I think you need to get as far as Evil Ice Queen Bitch pointing out how objectively she is totally right and all hail our non-prejudiced robot overlords before reading this. (more…)

Magnus, Robot Fighter #1

Right, so, let’s go back in time to the beginning of Magnus, ROBOT FIGHTER! for some context. Surely context will show how great this is.



Doesn’t look too bad, right? He’s talking about an important work of literature and how bad that time black people were enslaved was. Okay, a little focused on just “being enslaved is bad” with no mention of race but hey, take a few lines out of any discussion of literature and it’s going to seem like it’s too focused on one thing and missing the other ones, right? He’s totally not thinking this is all about him or anything. (more…)

Magnus, Robot Fighter – Introduction

Scans Daily posted some pages of this mess that had to do with the Bechdel test, then, being generally unreliable, proceed to not understand the Bechdel test and defend sexism, because they’re a progressive comm like that.

(They also kept up the Mako Mori test bullshit. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MAKO MORI. The fact your fun robot movie flunked the test because it had no other female characters even speak on camera is not a sign you need to write an entirely new test that boils down to a different yes/no question about the portrayal of women, but removes the ability to objectively measure it in return for making it so only a few types of characters can ever pass, because wahh it’s being mean to Pacific Rim precious baby movie has precious feelings!) (more…)