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Planet Stronghold (Guest Review)

Today on hideously overdue reviews, I got video games last Christmas. One of them was Planet Stronghold and it’s…really, really bizarre. You know that thing where fantasy stories are hastily redressed as sci-fi for whatever reason? It’s like that, only even less coherent. There’s a king and psionic powers and hat-wearing alien races, but there’s also actual guns and robots and supercomputers. It’s very, very confusing.

Seriously, there’s a king and he’s wearing ermine robes, because that will be such an important status symbol in the interplanetary empire future. Just look at that. There must be an ermine planet, and he must set aside only the finest ermine pelts from the finest ermines for his own personal wardrobe. Because he’s a king, you see. A king IN SPACE. Because that makes sense. (more…)