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Pokemon Omega Ruby Day 55 (Delta Episode)

Refusing to act until he stops doing this stupid thing and gets out of my way just makes time stop instead of letting me actually get to play meteor chicken with Wallace.

Then let us begin… Champion of Hoenn. You, who should exhibit the most graceful of art in battle with your Pokemon… I would have you show me your true strength!

We already did this, Wallace.

Pokemon Omega Ruby Day 48

I hate to give spoilers, but in this case it’s terribly obscure:
after you see the ‘you’re being watched’ tag, read the bookcase mentioning the Odd Keystone then immediately and without moving press Start and open a menu that obscures the overworld screen.

Well, Lucki, you heard the internet stranger. Go obscure your vision in the creepy abandoned place where someone is watching you. (more…)

Pokemon Omega Ruby Day 47

Helping activate the genocide beam is a little hefty of a decision even for Lucki. I decide to contemplate the probable ethics for a bit and check out Sea Mauville. Maybe that’ll give me some ideas.

Observe the harmony between nature and the constructed elements. This is pretty neat, isn’t it? asks a sailor. Uh. It looks a lot like a beached ship that happens to have plants growing on it – and it’s mostly bare patches, so less nature than an actual island.

I feel like maybe they were thinking of something like


but that’s actually forested over quite significantly, so it comes off very differently. (more…)

Pokemon Omega Ruby Day 44

Last time, I beat Steven and there were cutscenes and end credits and Brendan challenged me to a battle but it was super late so I closed the 3DS instead.

Anyway, let’s jump back in time a minute:

Welcome back, Lucki. I just, uh, you know… We set out on this journey together, right? So maybe we should finish it together, too. D-don’t go trying to read anything into it, though! Now, come on! We’re going home! Back to Littleroot Town!

to compare that to May’s dialogue:

Welcome back, Name. I just thought, you know, that since we were both here and all…that I’d wait for you. We set out on this journey together, right? So maybe we should finish it together, too. Hee hee… So…come on! Let’s go back home! Back to Littleroot Town!

I think it’s simply that waiting for someone is submissive and therefore it’s super embarrassing for Brendan to find himself doing it, while for May it’s the glorious culmination of all her feminine dreams.

I do see what was intended here, but it’s just screwed up by how awful Brendan is and has been. I felt a lot more invested in Wally but the game wanted him to be the big surprise so he’s not around for most of it. Give Brendan’s stuff to Wally and I’d probably have liked the whole thing a lot more. (more…)