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For anyone who doesn’t know:

1) Turn on your game.
2) Go to the PC.
3) Go to Box 1 and make sure there’s no pokemon in the first space.
4) Exit the PC.
5) Hit the HOME button.
6) Hit the left and right shoulder buttons to go to Camera.
7) Hit the QR button. It’s the fuzzy square button on the left side.
8) Read a QR code. I suggest the one above.
9) View the link.
10) Wait for the browser to crash.
11) Go back to game.
12) Open up the box again.
13) Now you has a Silver.

For anything else you want, check out Reddit or make your own and plug it in. QR Silver is legal enough for wondertrade, though it took a bit of fussing to get her that far.

I plan to now continue the game normally without using any of this and come back to it later. Nintendo will probably patch it but I’ll deal with that through my usual refusal to update. That said, if you haven’t updated in a long while this won’t work, so go do that fast.