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Pokemon Aside

Found a really interesting series of translation on Reddit from the original writer of the RBY and GSC arcs of the Pokemon anime. A lot of it is about the show as an allegory for childhood, but one interesting-to-us thing I’d never heard before is that apparently when Nintendo didn’t think the franchise was going to last past Gen II and they were planning the show’s ending, the idea was for Pikachu to lead a rebellion of pokemon against human control right after Mewtwo Strikes Back, and Meowth would bring an end to the conflict by serving as a mediator.

Definitely interesting stuff!

The reddit threads and a rough translation of Shudo’s plan for the rebellion are under the cut.


ORAS Trainer Sprites

I know, Fate, I know. You get this instead, I’m sorry.I genuinely think this is the worst generation yet, and by far. This is possibly because they can now use real art and aren’t limited by pixel sprites, meaning what we’ve been seeing was the reserved version.

It’s really absolutely terrible. I think the underage cameltoe on “Battle Girl” is probably the absolute worst, though the upskirt shot of May in the contest sprite is a close second. The “Most Ridiculous” award goes to the woman with an umbrella, raincoat, and galoshes but no pants; the female Aqua admin’s insanity is a close second.

They also got rid of a bunch of female classes– there is no longer a female triathelete, for example, because equality is for 2002 I guess.

Perhaps most cringeworthy is some of the dialogue the female trainers get. Way, way too many start battles by talking about how weak they are or how they don’t care, and an astounding zero male trainers do this, which I know because I paid attention to it.

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