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It is worse than the prophets foretold.

Hard to pick a best part.

The bit where the show makes a woman explain that no actually it is you who is the sexist for complaining about her being supergirl and not superwoman?

How all women exist to tear each other down and/or fuck things up for each other?

How her dead mom’s pep talk is, “Hey, so remember you can always get back to being your cool fearless child self, because I’m sure you’ve fucked up this whole time, but I believe in your ability to not be a fuckup forever.”?

The idea that misogyny is a universal constant throughout the universe?

How everything is her fault?

How the US government already knows who she is and can take her out any time it wants?

That fucking skirt?

Quick Review: Supergirl Trailers

So, as many of you (most? All?) probably already know, there’s an upcoming Supergirl TV show produced by Greg Berlanti, the same guy behind Arrow and Flash. Two trailers have already been released for it; you can find the first one here and the second, here. The first is over 6 minutes long, but the second clocks at just a bit over 2 minutes. You guys can go watch both if you haven’t already; I’ll wait.