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Quick Review: Supergirl Trailers

So, as many of you (most? All?) probably already know, there’s an upcoming Supergirl TV show produced by Greg Berlanti, the same guy behind Arrow and Flash. Two trailers have already been released for it; you can find the first one here and the second, here. The first is over 6 minutes long, but the second clocks at just a bit over 2 minutes. You guys can go watch both if you haven’t already; I’ll wait.


Why “The Big Bang Theory” Makes My Blood Boil

Enjoy this three-minute clip that encapsulates why I can’t be in the same room with people talking about this show without wanting to maim everyone!


Remember girls: You have no right to stand up to a man who is sexually harassing you! That makes you a bitch, and people will laugh at you! Men’s feelings are more important than yours, because women are sex objects, not people.

(Less obvious: anti-intellectualism, making fun of smart people is fine and also they deserve it, the main character is a sociopath and i mean literally in the clinical sense. I’m not going into it because it makes me froth at the mouth. Go watch this fucked-up shit yourself if you want to see.)

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