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The Reconstruction Part 68 and Conclusion (Guest Review)

I’m finally done! But there’s still quite a bit to go – sociopathy, mindblowing twists, and a bizarre intellectual elitism/anti-science combo, oh my! To start things off:

(“The initial surge of heat should destroy any remaining life on the Surface instantly… Then, the Cycle will be complete. It will send out the signal that everything’s ready. They’ll clean up the Surface, repopulate it, start a new Cycle, and… rescue me.”)

We finally get the reveal that, like everyone else, Tezkhra is a horrible person. (more…)

The Reconstruction Part 61 – “Herding”, “Silver Opportunity”, “Dealings In Disaster” (Guest Review)

So. It’s taken the entire game, but things are finally heating up. NORTH KOREA THE UNSTOPPABLE is banging at the gates and the Mysterious Plot Person says there’s no time to stop it because an even more important task is at hand. When I try to continue, the game warns me that this is the point of no return. With tensions running high, the obvious thing to do is…

SIDEQUESTS!!! (more…)

The Reconstruction Part 60 – “The Blackening” (Guest Review)

Last time on failheroes, our heroes gambled everything on a risky mission, then got cold feet and left before doing anything.

When they shuffle back, something seems different. Mahk confirms: Xopi has gone missing, and with the Night approaching, he fears for his safety. (more…)