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Undertale Reviews, Part 4 (Frisk)

Strap in, we’ve got a long one today. This fic is about Frisk confronting their evil abusive parents. Not an uncommon idea, but this is the first time such a fic was completed, I believe. Here we learn the important lesson that a group of strangers kidnapping your kid and threatening to murder you is totes okay and you should just deal with it.


[36] Undertale Reviews, Part 1

Hi everyone, Farla’s brother here. Just as Farla obsessively reviews Pokemon fic, I took it upon myself to obsessively review Undertale fic, starting from the very earliest ones. I thought it would be fun to see how fandom trends developed over time, you see.┬áTo avoid becoming a shriveled husk fueled only by hate like Farla, I have restricted myself to only looking at fics that cover topics I actually care about. (Sorry if you really wanted me to cover all the Gaster fic and xReader porn, but you’ll have to look that up on your own time.) When I started, back in October, there were only a few hundred fics, so this seemed like a manageable task. By the time I had gotten to the edge of the original archive, the number had ballooned to a few thousand. I have since given up on this goal. However, Our Lord and Master requires content for her blog, and I see no reason to let what I’ve already done go to waste.

Unfortunately, I never curse up a storm and I yell at people far less than Farla, so this will probably be a lot less amusing for you than usual. I make no apologies for this. The silver lining is that the average quality of stories is a lot better than in the Pokemon fandom, low bar though that is.

And of course, unlike Pokemon, Undertale has an actual plot, so SPOILERS if you haven’t seen both pacifist and omnicide routes.