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Quick Review: Supergirl Trailers

So, as many of you (most? All?) probably already know, there’s an upcoming Supergirl TV show produced by Greg Berlanti, the same guy behind Arrow and Flash. Two trailers have already been released for it; you can find the first one here and the second, here. The first is over 6 minutes long, but the second clocks at just a bit over 2 minutes. You guys can go watch both if you haven’t already; I’ll wait.


WTH Moments: Avengers: Age of Ultron

This won’t be a review of the movie itself. Suffice to say I enjoyed myself immensely when I watched it, even though, from an objective viewpoint, it is a weak movie. Two characters were needlessly thrown away (at least, as of this movie; maybe they’ll be brought back in some way in later ones) and there were a few scenes where Whedon’s penchant for “witty” dialogue harmed the mood of the scene, but overall, it’s like a Snickers bar – not a proper meal by any stretch of the imagination, but it does satisfy your hunger somewhat, and damned if it doesn’t taste delicious!

I’d like to talk about a specific WTH moment in the film. It is entirely possible I’m being too uncharitable with it; I’ll leave it for you guys to judge. Oh, and there will be spoilers regarding an unexpected romantic relationship between two important characters, by the way, so don’t read this if you’d prefer to see the movie first. (more…)

WTH Moments: “Thor – God of Thunder” for the Nintendo DS

I’m a huge fan of Thor, Marvel’s comic book series. Oh, you might think it’s just because I’m a Vikingophile, but no, actually; what got me hooked was Walt Simonson’s amazing run writing (and also drawing, at first) for the character, from Thor #337 (1977) to #382 (1986). He basically reinvented the character, and he did it not by discarding everything that had been done before him, but simply by changing the focus of the series – Thor still acted as a traditional super-hero, but now his stories dealt a lot more with Asgard and fantasy-mythical elements based off real-life Norse mythology. The character had other great writers – Tom DeFalco’s run comes to mind -, but Simonson is my favourite to this day.