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Higurashi: Atonement Arc [Part 1]

This arc is long as hell.

Anyway, what I did was take notes as I played, then go back and clean them up. This is how I’ll do the rest of the arcs, as I think it worked pretty well. I won’t post any of these until I’m totally done with the arc in question, so you can spoil away for Atonement, but if anyone else fucks me up for the endgame I will never post one of these again and you will lose Umineko privileges for good, I s2g.


Higurashi: Demoned Away/Abducted by Demons Arc

So here’s how this will work. If anyone so much as eeps a spoiler, you don’t get real-time opinions on Higurashi and Umineko. I’ll switch to reading it purely for fun and you will be unceremoniously forced to forever wonder, “What looney theory did she have after the second episode?” I know this question will eat at you and slowly consume you– really, who could survive the nerve-wracking mystery– but it will be your own fault.

Also just to be clear, “You got this right so I’m going to confirm it to you and then discuss it at length,” counts as spoiling.

Anyway, Higurashi’s first chapter. (more…)

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