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Farla's NaNoWriMon

This year’s NaNo is writing up a bunch of advice because I realized all my detailed advice these days is being doled out person by person over PMs and that this is stupid and a big part of why I always hated PMs. Is that really legitimate? Don’t care I’m winning.


  1. Childish says:

    Where will you post it? Doubt it will reach the people who need it most, but at least it would get to those most likely to take your advice.

    Does make me think… On one hand, it makes more sense to avoid all the PMs. But, if not for your reviews, doubt I would have checked out Dragon Quill. Guess I should just be happy you did it before.

    1. Farla says:

      For now, it’s at the link. FFN prevents you from sending almost all links but internal ones work, so by having it on a site forum I can link people in PMs or even reviews.

  2. Eilonwy_has_an_aardvark says:

    By the power vested in me by absolutely nobody but myself, I hereby rule your approach to be legitimate.

    This is a cool idea. I’m finding useful concepts in what you’ve written so far, even though I don’t write in the fandoms you’re talking about.

    1. Farla says:

      I’m glad. I can feel that these aren’t organized half as well as they should be, but I’m hoping they’re clear enough to get stuff across.

      1. Eilonwy_has_an_aardvark says:

        The introductions one and the taking-advice one particularly hit home with the YA novel I’m doing for this year’s NaNoWriMo. I was quite sensibly taught to start at the first conflict because that’s usually the right answer, but my dystopian setting is so different from reality-right-now that starting at the first external conflict led to awkward info-dumps and lack of emotional investment in the protagonist or her outcome.

        Moving things back about 90 minutes in book time, to start while she’s worrying about the first big external conflict, compelled me to put more emphasis on her internal conflicts, plus as she prepares and people react to her worries, it’s way easier to introduce the framework of the world. So the standard advice was actually right, but it took some critical thinking to apply it in a way that makes the story flow.

        ETA: And what I meant to say, but I’m kind of bleary, is that your point on “if you start at point X, will the reader be confused?” was totally on target.

  3. Mini-Farla says:

    Excellent. You don’t seem to be getting many responses, yet, though, which makes me nervous that no one is reading. (You should probably sticky it, too.)

    What about AOOO? I thought you liked that better since replies were public.

    1. Farla says:

      It’s fine, this is preparation for January’s shitstorm. FFN forums aren’t highly trafficked under normal circumstances.

      AOOOOOOO everyone just kudoses and doesn’t interact.

  4. illhousen says:

    That’s a nice series of advises. Are you going to talk about conflict-building and character design in that context (ie, don’t make your character hot-tempered just because, make them hot-tempered because it’s a great way to get them into a conflict)? You’ve touched it in a section on horror, but a more general principle would be good to formulate.

    That’s the core of every story, after all, and beginning writers would benefit from learning about it.

    1. Farla says:

      I might but probably way more specific. A lot of the people I talk to have difficulty understanding general advice, so a mixture of specifics and why the specifics looks like it’ll be where I’m focused.

      Bear in mind that for the category, making a character hot-tempered is advanced stuff for super-awesome writers who understand there’s supposed to be character traits in your characters.

      1. illhousen says:

        Ouch. Yeah, going from specific examples is probably better in that case.

  5. Ember says:

    “Also, there is a sort of creepy joy some fics have about how their
    pokemon have no protection but their trainer’s goodwill and you want to
    avoid that. Another fandom that shall not be named went down this path
    and the results are awful enough I’m pointedly not saying anything you
    could google here.”

    Well, now I’m EXTREMELY curious. That’s already gone such bad places in POKEMON.

    1. Farla says:

      Okay so you know how 4chan was into ponies.

      They invented this idea of tiny, delicate but fast-breeding pet ponies that talk like idealized two year olds. Then they torture and mutilate them. Most noteworthy are the Nice Guy characters who either expect to be praised as living saints for feeding them scraps once or who start off saying they’ll be nice and then start torturing them because the pony did something they told it not to or is asking for treats or some other unforgivable crime that shows kindness made it uppity and they need to discipline it. And the fact they can talk is really important because it lets you taunt them with what you’re doing or tell them it’ll stop if they can do something impossible or how it’s their fault you killed their babies.

      Basically an entire fandom of wishing you could torture toddlers for being toddlers or get told you’re awesome for only beating and neglecting them then selling their children for cash. Even the handful who are actually nice to their pets require the backdrop of people kicking wild ones to death for fun to make it clear how good they are for not doing that to their own one because they could, they could any time and no one would care…

      1. SpoonyViking says:

        …God, 4chan really is the shithole of the internet. I mean, I already knew that, but… Good Lord.

      2. Ember says:

        Ohhhh, the “fluffy pony” thing. D: Yeesh.

  6. Wright of Void says:

    Do you plan on addressing the “I don’t have to put in any effort because I’m just doing this for fun” argument? You could fit it into the excuses post.

    1. illhousen says:

      And “but the source material does it too” excuse.

      Come to think of it, the differences between fanfiction and original fiction (as well as between games and written medium) would make a good foundation for a couple of posts.

      1. Farla says:

        I was thinking of getting into that in the battle section but it didn’t seem to fit well.

        It’s a bit hard to untangle in Pokemon, anyway – some of the stuff works due to different mediums, some of it works because when the show did it it was original, and some of it isn’t liked even in the original. Maybe.

    2. Farla says:

      The no effort people shouldn’t bother clicking on advice in the first place.

      1. Wright of Void says:

        But it would provide a handy thing to link to if anyone tries to make the argument.

  7. Ember says:

    Yooooo, congrats! I really enjoyed seeing your notes on Lucki.

    1. Farla says:

      It was fun trying to reconstruct what I did back then. (And discovering I couldn’t even remember half of Midnight’s Story in the process.)

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