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The Reconstruction Part 23 – “Obstructions” (Guest Review)

I train my characters, but they’re still lagging behind on skills – I want to get the next tier of passives but the skill points aren’t very forthcoming. Fortunately, I do manage to get “Grace” for Fero, which increases his already-impressive agility to godlike levels. Someone will be getting a lot of turns.


The Reconstruction Part 27 (Guest Review)

Sorry for the hiatus! Farla requisitioned my computer so she could do reviewing month.

When last we left off, Ilganyag had just arrived in Fortifel after running away from Nal the first chance they got because that’s what innocent people do, right? Seriously they weren’t even wrongfully accused, they just jumped ship the moment Qualstio caught wind there might be some sort of investigation in the future maybe. Fortunately, Qualstio’s friend Metzino doesn’t seem to care. (more…)

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