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The Other Pokeauthors, Part 146

“Let me make it clear now that if you do CTRL+F, I only used an exclamation point ONCE, and that wasn’t even a combination with CAPS LOCK. I only use CAPS LOCK when I’m angry or want to prove a point. In this case, I wanted to prove a point. I was ARGUING, not SCREAMING. I’m not upset at all. I will be upset if you review my story again. If that happens, then I WILL BLOCK YOU. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.”

Most people were actually nice, though.


The Other Pokeauthors, Part 140

“The irrelevancy of this review lies in both the hypocritical correction of the fanfiction chapter and the multitude of similar reviews found in other chapters and fanfiction works.

The review section is best served as a discussion of chapter content, not a check for grammar or other similar actions that should be discussed either in private messaging or beta reviews, none of which I’ve demanded.

Please refrain from wasting from you and my time in mere grammatical controversies that none only do this site not require but also inapplicable to professional writers due to their personal style, contribution to plot, and other noncommercial intentions.”


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