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The Other Pokeauthors, Part 33

“As for it not being Pokémon. That was the first chapter, and it says in the description this is about a high school that these Pokémon are attending. It obviously isn’t going to follow the game or the show. It is not following characters from the game or show. It will be different. This is however considered a Pokémon fan fiction. Just because the Pokémon act sort of humanlike is not the sole deciding factor in what the fanfic is or isn’t. Again I thank you on grammatical corrections but I do not appreciate you putting it down saying “This has nothing to do with Pokemon”.”


[25] The Other Pokereviews, Part 33

Today we have a high school AU that felt the need to specify characters’ EV values but not how a quadruped can use a toothbrush, an edgy grimdark story about all of America (literally, the landmass) being teleported into the the pokeworld, and a humanized pokemon story that thought a humanized gardevoir was a better vehicle for addressing toxic masculinity than a just plain human character. Is it just me or is this batch weirder than normal?


Adventure Time, Continuity, and Tonal Consistency

I got into Adventure Time about a year ago. It was billed as a spiritual predecessor to Steven Universe, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The quality is pretty haphazard – individual episodes can be very good, but for most of its run it seems to throw consistent storytelling to the wind. There’s basically no telling what will happen in a given episode, or how much we’re supposed to care; maybe a given plot point be revisited and turn out to be vitally important a few episodes later, maybe a few seasons later, maybe never. It currently has a number of interesting ongoing mysteries and plotlines, but it jumps between them seemingly at random, which can be frustrating. It overall feels like a show that’s constantly trying and failing to figure out what it wants to be.

There’s one plot point that I found particularly baffling, however, and I think it ties into a recurring problem in shows like these that toe the line between episodic and plotty: they can’t decide whether they want to play a potentially serious topic for drama or comedy.

(Spoilers for episode 6×22, for those of you who care.)


Pokeauthors Special Spotlight: Reducto ad Absurdum Edition

We jump ahead to the recent past. In February I reviewed this non-fic and the results were simply amazing. The author blocked me so I lost my own responses, but they’re impressive anyway.

Non-stories are banned on this site. This belongs elsewhere.


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