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Final Fantasy VI

I always want these games to be better than they are.

This one was just… meh. It’s wasn’t as mind-numbingly boring as IV was, thank God, but it also never really was engaging. By the midgame I was breezing through all but major boss battles on autoplay. The charcaters and plot were a mess. The pet characters included a dude who was big on marital kidnapping and a guy who literally keeps the beautified corpse of his girlfriend locked in his basement (I swear this is not an exaggeration), so it really could only hold itself up on mediocre gameplay for so long.


Final Fantasy VII

So I got involved in the SaGa series recently (yes, I realize what the title of this post is). I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s clear the influence the early games had on RPGs as a whole, and even the later, flubbier games are interesting because they’re always trying to do ambitious things. I’ve played through the three GameBoy games in their entirety, and then I played the first PS2 Game and SNES games (I’m at the final boss of the second one right now). I’ve been doing a shitton of retro gaming lately. (I also scored the original Harvest Moon for SNES for a steal at a local shop and am v v excited to dive into that next.)

All of this is to say that despite how nearly unplayable a lot of old games are, I enjoy them quite a bit (even when I give up on the stupidly hard final bosses like I’m afraid is going to happen with Romancing SaGa 2…), and I think I’m pretty good at keeping them in perspective and seeing them within the context of their original release instead of judging outdated mechanics by modern standards.

So why the fuck can’t I get through Final Fantasy VII?


Final Fantasy Tactics, or, What Are the Real Monsters?

I just finished watching an LP of Final Fantasy Tactics. I had heard many good things about it, but could never get far in it when it came out, because the actual game is an overdesigned kudzu of a slot machine. But that’s besides the point.

The beginning lives up to the hype. Nothing else does. This is because it’s a bait-and-switch I have grown to become familiar with in fantasy video games, particularly Final Fantasy.


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