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I’m on vacation, but while I put off finishing the Higurashi conclusion, y’all should check out Mimpi, an absolutely adorable little platformer about a cute pupper trying to find their human. Everything about it is endearing, and it’s nice to see a game with a built-in hint system so all the puzzles are actually solvable. Check it out!

(Semi-related: is there any interest in a DQ Steam Curator account?)


Bastion is a hack-and-slash, button-mashy action RPG with very nice art and absolutely gorgeous music bogged down by mediocre gameplay and a story that ranges from boring to bizarre. And I don’t mean bizarre as in strange, I mean as in wtf were the writers thinking.

The final choice in the game is you deciding whether to wind time back a few weeks weeks to prevent the genocide of two peoples or destroying the undo machine and running away, and this is presented as some kind of extreme moral quandary.

Spoilers inside for Braid, of all things, which is an excellent game you should go play.



I love love loved this game and I have so many thoughts about it. SO MANY. And now you have to listen to me ramble.

I picked it up because of the trailer at last year’s E3. Those like me who follow these types of things will probably be aware that E3 2015 featured an unheard-of amount of female protagonists in the trailers, and Dishonored 2 was one of them. I’d heard great things about this first game and the new trailer looked badass, so it went onto my list. Also you should watch the trailer because I am now SO EXCITED for this game. (more…)

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